Seiun wo Kakeru – ch.7

Chapter 7 is up!! Enjoy lads!! XD

Sorry for the delay, but the only thing remaining after the translation was editing.

While we are at it, I’ve good news for you, lads!! I managed to find a new editor and his name’s Acefisher, so treat him well.

For those of you who are rooting for Tanya x Eiji, expect something nice in this chapter

Also, as the compensation, I’ll upload ch.8 and 9 at the same time, so look forward to it.


Hello, Acefisher here. Some of you may have seen me around in the past. I’ll be editing Seiun wo Kakeru here on this site. As such, some of the older chapters may go down for a bit while my edits are being approved of by Koreyorihachidori. There’s sizable difference in timezone for the two of us, so please be patient.

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  1. wuhugm says:

    damn... the snusnu is skipped...

  2. djp6 says:

    thanks for the chapter

  3. one ring to declare love~~ a decisive reincarnated is

  4. rare

  5. goblinrou says:

    Waifu acquired!

  6. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Good job Eiji! That proposal line though. XD


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