Seiun wo kakeru – Ch. 18; I’m back

Good news lads! I’m back, having finished my rl problems, which means I’m back on track.

Have just just updated a new chapter ch.18, so everyone please enjoy the read. 😀

Credits to Ace for editing.

Also, I heard people fear that there could possibly be a ntr element in this novel. I think I haven’t mentioned it, but the author plans to write this story with a happy end. Of course, It doesn’t mean that there will be no hardships, disputes or death ( at least not for the main heroine). What’s more, it’s in my policy not to translate anything grotesque, like rape,ntr, torture etc.

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6 Responses to Seiun wo kakeru – Ch. 18; I’m back

  1. moevora says:

    why do people hate ntr so much?

    • jalog100 says:

      when you read slice of life stories, sometimes you like the mc, even put in his/her shoes, it's disgusting being Cuckolded When you are a loyal person

    • Shiki Shiori says:

      Because the heroine is better off dead when it happens? Mind control, slavery, Mind Break, something like that means a bad ending with heroine, as they are robbed of their choice and forced to like something like that, and in the end they love it? Well, NTR may be good though if played properly. but often, it weaken the heroine's (or the protagonist sometimes) character.

    • redzero36 says:

      Oh god I hate it. Especially when you like the characters... but I still read it. I haven't read any NTR Ln/wn before but do read some h-manga though rarely. Still prefer vanilla/ happy endings

      Also Yay! You're back!

  2. Seitora says:

    welcome back

  3. kirindas says:

    Welcome back!


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