Seiun wo kakeru – ch.20

Ch. 20 is up, rejoice my friends 😀

Also, I’ve sorted chapters 10-19 in the new section called ‘The agriculture and trade arc’, so that the list would look more neat.


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  1. canaria23 says:

    no link

  2. Hajiko says:

    and thanks for the chapter

  3. Lonjest says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    canaria23 - if there is no link, there is always the chapter index page. If you hover your mouse cursor over Seiun wo Kakeru (web novel) + Links at the top next to home it will give you the latest 3 chapters that were released. Course I know its easier to have a link on the post but some times you work with what you get. That also means that our benefactors some times to add the link and we have to go fishing 🙂

    Look forward to the next chapter.

  4. hachidori108 says:

    Ups, sorry for that. It's fixed.


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