Seiun wo kakeru – ch. 22

And here comes ch. 22. Thanks for your patience everyone and rejoice 😀

By the way, some of you might find it confusing, but chapter 20-23 are still part of section 2. It’s just that I’ve put them separately cause the list was getting long.

Also, this might be off-topic, but does anyone know any good OCR software for Japanese texts, for Win 7? (besides Adobe, which probably I won’t be able to afford).

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4 Responses to Seiun wo kakeru – ch. 22

  1. slimqot says:

    it seems that google drive include it by default, after uploading a pdf or picture you just have to choose edit with google docs and the magic is done 🙂

    • hachidori108 says:

      This is truly magic, it works! Who would have thought such a function existed within a simple google doc, lol. Just one question: Will they remove my uploads if they're light novels scans, due to copyrights? Many thanks mate!

      • slimqot says:

        You're welcome, i'm not sure but i know of some novel translations that are published with google docs and haven't been deleted ( like re: monster

      • Gem says:

        The thing is find a private uplloader website or keep your accout secrety they never know for ex gmx email they dnt care anything


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