Seiun wo kakeru – ch.23 & 24

Here come new chapters – ch. 23 & ch. 24. Enjoy your read guys and wish you a spooky halloween >:D

Also ch.23 was the conclusion of section 2. ch.24 is the beginning of the new section called ‘The Village Development Arc’.

Credits to Ace for editing.

Cheers! 😀

ps. If you guys can help contribute to this page by commenting and giving scores I’d appreciate a lot:

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6 Responses to Seiun wo kakeru – ch.23 & 24

  1. hehaaw says:

    oh thank you for the double release Hachi-san!!

  2. Tokanya says:

    I think there's a youtube channel explain technical term in blacksmithing. I randomly found it while a go you might want to check it out if you really want to understand them. I start out at 'Making Machete with no tools' or something. Well, just keep going at related vid It should be somewhere.

    • Tokanya says:

      btw I'm not going to make it to kill someone I just watching game review and youtube suggest Real life game weapon and it goes from there.

  3. Countrymage says:

    Well, I have posted a comment on MU, but I disagree with the previous comment there, MC traded some things people wanted when he was starting up his workshop. After that, though he has been doing maintenance and churning out necessities, not just what the people want.

  4. pancake says:

    MU is old and busted. Novelupdates is the new hotness


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