Seiun wo kakeru – ch.25

Here is the new chapter – ch.25. Enjoy my friends.

Credits to Ace for editing.

Also, I’ll be taking 1-2 days of break due to making a new translationg project, so look forward to it 😀


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7 Responses to Seiun wo kakeru – ch.25

  1. demonright says:

    Regarding Seiun wo Kakeru, will the release rate be the same as it is now? You know after you picked up the new project.

  2. iamme says:

    i hope its the 1 im thinking... that Ochitesomething... xD

  3. oh may gah!!! says:

    well i will look forward for your new forward but i hope seiun wo kakeru still ur main project and time release still same

    • hachidori108 says:

      It will still be my main project together with one more. As for the release frequency, I plan to release both in turns, although the new project might be less frequent (due to it being light novel, which might take longer). In that case, I'll put next chapter of the Seiun.


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