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I can guess some of you may have already noticed the new novel, but since I haven’t introduce it yet, I’ll allow myself to do it now. After several weeks of your waiting and expectations, I’ve the honour of presenting you my new  translation project: Ochitekita Naga to Horobiyuku Majo no Kuni (The country of the fallen Dragon King and the Perishing Witches). 😀

Since I’ll be translating this light novel together with Seiun, I came up with an idea of how to keep the updates regularly so as not to delay any your favorite series. I’ll divide the light novel into parts, i.e every chapter into 3-4 parts (each chapter has nearly 80-100 pages). Actually, it’s a strategy I saw being applied by other translators as well.

Here are the releases: Prologue 1, Prologue 2, and Chapter 1

Prologue 1 and 2 were copied from BT, of course with the consent of the people, who were in charge of working on the texts – Darkdhaos and Zexth. I’m not fancy borrowing other people’s works, but since not all of you might appreciate being redirected, I’ll put them on my blog just in case. Still, I strongly recommend you to read their works at their respective website: BakaTsuki: Ochitekita. We will as well add simultaneously every chapter on Bakatsuki and here.

Hope your patience will be pay off from now on 😀



Translator checking and editing: Darkdhaos

Editors: Zexth, Ravin


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12 Responses to New translation announcement

  1. I looking forward!!!

  2. hehaaw says:

    the amount of ecchi on this novel seems high 😀

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  4. rizyun says:

    I only know that this novel known cuz of the heroines jungles' . . .
    somewhere and someone in AS talking bout that . . .

  5. bedadari says:

    Cool!! Thank you very much.

  6. goblinrou says:

    Oh i saw this on batoto.

    Didnt touch it coz it coz it seemed like the typical harem manga.

  7. ftxnexus says:

    Keep it up!

  8. kenchan223 says:

    I was praying to the LN gods for someone to pick this up, and my prayers have been heard!

  9. acefisher says:

    "New Translation Announcement." Or as I like to call it: 'And Now for Something, Completely Different.'

  10. midoyashii says:

    thank u thats what I WAITIN FOR YEEAAAAAH


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