Back from hiatus; Seiun wo kakeru – ch. 75

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my sudden inactivity. Constantly translating novels can be at times monotonous, so I decided to chill out. After almost 2 weeks of break, here’s the next chapter 75 of Seiun. Enjoy Mina, and once again, sorry for making you wait 😀

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10 Responses to Back from hiatus; Seiun wo kakeru – ch. 75

  1. morfitm says:

    Hachi, Ace - no sweat. I can't say that I know your pain but an escape (pinacolada song) is always needed. I hope that you have recharged your batteries? And hope that you guys will take it easy from now on so not to burn yourselves up.
    Anyway, as always, your work is much appreciated. It was physically killing me with no new chapter of Seiun no Kakeru (I only lived through it by smoking a lot more cigarettes).

  2. Haseo says:

    Hwooo.... finally you are back !! 😀 thanks for your hard work !!

  3. totagamer11 says:

    Dont think so lowly of us. you work as hard as the chinese LN TLers so we'll understand if you need a vacay. Just let us know. Was worried something happened when your daily posts suddenly stopped.

  4. jasad says:

    welcome back!!

  5. moredrowsy says:

    Thanks much!

  6. Armaell says:

    Chilling is good, sometimes too good ^^
    Whatever the break time, seing that you reached ch75 is praiseworthy! It surprised me to see the number.
    Good work hachidori!

  7. petercedrick says:

    wohoooo... finally... I almost died.. thanks for the update!

  8. hehaaw says:

    awww yess, thank you for the update, been waiting for this

  9. ohh thank god....i was getting sad thinking the bad stuff, thanks pal!


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