Ochitekita ch. 3 part 1

Added ch. 3 part 1 of Ochitekita. Hope you enjoy (+・`⊇・)b

Credits for editing: Wesley

There will be 1 more translator in charge of this project. His name is Skythewood (A blogger whom many of you probably know), so treat him well. Hopefully the translation will speed up from now on.

Also one more assistant editor is going to join this project and his name is Isaac. Please take care of him as well.

We are currently in need for one more editor for Skythewood. If you’re interested to help please apply here


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2 Responses to Ochitekita ch. 3 part 1

  1. exqalph03 says:

    Great news~ :).
    I've been wondering myself regarding this project, as it looks like it would be dropped, but fortunately I'm wrong, haha~ XD!

    Anyway, thanks for the translator(new?) or should I say Skythewood for getting in the project~! Oh, Isaac too.

    Best wishes~ ^^.

  2. demonbxl says:

    Thnak you for the chapter~


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