Seiun wo kakeru – ch. 81

Updated ch. 81 of Seiun. Hope you enjoy 😀

On a side note, we are still looking for more editors for Ochitekita, which you may already noticed, is being updated slower than usual.

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  2. thank you for your hard work ^^

  3. KnightOwl says:

    Clicking on the above link to chapter 81 results in a "Page not found"

    • acefisher says:

      Sorry, I thought I had corrected all the links to ch. 81 when I changed the title and url to fit with the other naming conventions(first, middle, and last). I guess I just missed this specific one. It has been fixed.

  4. Johna580 says:

    Keep working ,impressive job! ggkbgcdgkbkc


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