Ochitekita – Vol3 Prologue 1 & 2

Updated Vol 3 Prologue 1 & 2 of Ochitekita. Enjoy Minna!

Also, I’m glad to tell you we have acquired a new editor for Ochitekita. His name is Geodude, so please treat him well from now on.

Credits: Me/Wes/Ace

On a side note, expect a new chapter of Seiun (possibly today once its done editing)


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  2. Tokanya says:

    is he the same guy that edit somewhere before or just nick a Pokemon name. I belive I saw editor with this name but don't know whrere.

    no matter, more slav... sorry more people is a good thing. congratz.

  3. Elni says:

    Thank you so much!!!!! I never thought i would read the 2nd volume of this novel i almost gave because it’s been ages since Vol 1 but you brought us all back to life! Keep up the Goodwork!

    Edit Now on you're Vol 3!? Keep up the good work

  4. bakaleaf says:

    Thank you may our simple words of gratitude give you motivation to keep translating this novel. Kudos to you mate.

  5. ARIGATOU hachidori108!! *bows*


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