Seiun wo Kakeru Chapter 92 & 93 + Notice

Alright guys, here’s the next two chapters for Seuin wo Kakeru: Chapter 92 and Chapter 93

Important Notice:

Hachi and I have been talking, and we’ve come to a conclusion. Given that this section is the last complete section, We will be stopping our translation of Seiun wo Kakeru at the end of this section, at least for now. The reason for this is that Hachi wants to stop the translation at a stopping point and not leave you guys hanging for more chapters that may not appear. The WN hasn’t been updated since mid January, and Hachi believes that the author has completely abandoned the WN to focus on the LN due to the differences between the two. We do plan to TL some parts of the LN in the future to display some of the differences, and the like. If the author starts releasing more chapters of the WN again, we will resume our translation of Seiun wo Kakeru. There is one main chapter and two side stories remaining, after these two, in this section. It’s been a fun ride, everyone, but it’s about time for a new one. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

– Fisher

Translator: Hachi


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19 Responses to Seiun wo Kakeru Chapter 92 & 93 + Notice

  1. Dark Jackel says:

    Thanks for your efforts. Sounds like a smart move, though I admit that I don't read Seiun myself. ☺

  2. Thanks :/

  3. acefisher says:

    Is this post appearing in everyone's wp reader?
    Edit: It took a whole 20 hours to appear for me...

    • No, but even though I've been subscribed to this site all the notifications have always been through my email if that helps. Also if you're going to take suggestions for what series you'd like to work on next from people maybe you should outline some basic guidelines for what series you'd be willing to consider. Like what genre you'd prefer or wouldn't, whether it'd be a WN or LN, if it has been in hiatus since the last person who was translating it disappeared or a completely as of yet untranslated story, etc...

  4. Admiral_Mikan says:

    This has been a fun ride till now. I appreciate ur dedication until this day. Phew, I'm gonna miss Eiji's journey now ;_;

  5. BlutRausch says:

    well nothing we can do but wait if there's an update from the author side.... thanks you for your good work, btw what would you be focusing on translating this time?

  6. Satria says:

    mid January and this is almost June. that's the most sensical decision I believe. Thanks for all your hard work until now Hachi and Fisher. a little bit sad but it's better than waiting for something that may or may not be updated.

  7. kenchan223 says:

    What project will you guys be taking next?

  8. Albedo's Ahoge says:

    Thank you for all the translations & yes, I agree its best to end it at the end of an arc.

    Its been a read with up & downs.

  9. gregluck says:

    That is the best choice you could take, it's best to end it with less epic end than leave it hanging.

    I suggest you should do Jashin Tensei, or Isekai Tensei Soudouki, and depend on the current translator Bringing the Farm Life to other world also good.

  10. Anon says:

    If you guys ever decided to translate another light novel, I would recommend Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari. It has both a web novel version and a light novel version but looks like the web novel content was edited once the author got serialized so you may have to use wayback machine if you ever decide to just translate the web novel instead of the light novel but I am sure people would prefer getting a chance to read the light novel version if they ever got a chance too since there are 15 volumes of the light novel now.

    There is already a manga adaption but looks like they skipped a lot of strategizing dialogue and just rushed the battle scenes which is bit disappointing since I love reading about battle strategy

  11. Habib Haji says:

    i really like (Ochitekita) so i am with you 100%!

  12. rougereader says:

    Thank you for translations up to this point.
    Personally I like Ochitekita waaayy better so if this means more Naga and the witches then I`m all for it..

  13. Kaz says:

    RIP 🙁 It's sad news but nothing we can do about it . One way or another , thanks for all relases 🙂

  14. SlamJam says:

    Yea if the next volume is a cliffhanger it would be better off to just end it here and if you plan on doing another project I cant wait to read it.

  15. wish someone dedicated picked up konjiki no word master...i miss that novel so frigging much......

    thank you for your dedication for staying with us till the end! wish the author understands the readers pain and not abandon the WN or at the least the LN picks up quick to catch up with the WN

    thank you for your hard work u guys!! ^^


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