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Alright everyone, now that translation of Seiun wo Kakeru has concluded, We at Koreyorihachidori have decided to make a poll with 4 potential new projects for you all to help decide our new project. You get two votes. You have until the 11th to vote.

  1. Kuro no Shoukanshi (The Black Summoner)
  2. Tsuyokute New Saga (Be stronger! New Saga) (LN)
  3. Hitoookami e no tensei, maou no fukukan (Reincarnating into Werewolf, the Vice-commander of the Devil King) (LN)
  4. Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsuishimashita (I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job) (LN)

Do note that Rebirth Online World is doing the WN version of Hitoookami e no tensei, maou no fukukan.

Also, Hachi is doing two projects instead of just focusing on Ochitekita Naga to Majo no Kuni so that he doesn’t burn out.

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22 Responses to New Project Poll

  1. sancturillore says:

    I'm really interested in the LN for Hitoookami.^^

  2. mrmantix says:

    I would say The Black Summoner or Hitooki. Thank you!

  3. Aru says:

    How come Black Healer is the only one you don't have labeled as LN?

  4. goblinrou says:

    Wasnt Tsuyokute in the hands of tensaitranslations? They do post sparingly but dont remember them dropping it.

    • acefisher says:

      Their last Tsuyokute update was Dec 31, 2015, and Hachi sent them an email a few weeks back and hasn't received a reply yet.

      • Rei Hunter says:

        rei_hunter here from re-translations.

        Tensaiz is currently enjoying his riajuu life (without girlfriend)

        So you are clear to translate Tsuyokute New Saga LN. (From me anyways, we lack translators as is.)

        If for some reason Tensaiz comes back... i hope you'd be able to work together on it.


  5. MariaJack says:

    I hope it ends up being Tsuyokute New Saga since the manga is interesting i would love to see what the novel is like and even though Hitoookami seems interesting since someone is already translating it albeit the webnovel version is seems pointless to have a second translation for it.

  6. Oninomad says:

    Can I submit a write in for Tensei Shichatta yo (Iya, Gomen)?

  7. Zelit252 says:

    Is this the same Hitoookami that Rebirth Online World is doing or a different version?

    • acefisher says:

      "Do note that Rebirth Online World is doing the WN version of Hitoookami e no tensei, maou no fukukan." We are doing the LN version.

  8. 朔月 says:

    For the potential projects you listed, are you doing the LN version or the WN one?

    I really hope you'll consider picking up New Saga LN version,considering the WN translators are on a long hiatus and raws for the LN are available.

    If you accept any more suggestions,may I suggest Isekai Tensei Soudouki?
    The manga is really popular with people pestering for a translation over at Novelupdates forum.Due to the digest nature of the WN,I suggest translating the LN version.

    • acefisher says:

      the only one that we aren't planning to do the LN version of is Kuro no Shoukanshi (The Black Summoner). Hence the lack of a (LN) behind only that one. And we'll probably be removing that one from the list.

  9. godeyeice says:

    Wolf-San. please

  10. Ruth says:

    I want to read black summoner but since it was taken down by law before wouldn't want it to start reading a few chapters only to be taken down again. Might as well try Hitoookami out, the other two are pretty meh to be honest.

  11. kenchan223 says:

    Kuro no Shoukanshi was taken down from infinitenoveltrans which is the WN due to the author (I think) not wanting his works being translated... which you can find in their site. Probably a high chance for that being taken down if you were to take it as a next project.

    P.S. I can't believe Hundred (LN) is not being taken yet lol... not that I'm complaining lol.

  12. sloppy says:

    I hoped one of the suggested novels will be Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei ,but Tsuyokute New Saga is fine.


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