Corrected New Project Poll

Alright everyone, after the mistake we made with the last poll: adding black summoner despite the author not wanting it translated (thanks to those that notified us, and sorry to those who wanted to see it get translated). We have decided to remake the poll with 4 potential new projects(1 new) for you all to help decide our new project. You get one vote, make it count. You have until the 12th to vote.

  1. Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku (WN)
  2. Tsuyokute New Saga (Be stronger! New Saga) (LN)
  3. Hitoookami e no tensei, maou no fukukan (Reincarnating into Werewolf, the Vice-commander of the Devil King) (LN)
  4. Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsuishimashita (I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job) (LN)

Do note that Rebirth Online World is doing the WN version of Hitoookami e no tensei, maou no fukukan and Re:Translations is doing the LN version of Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku.

Also, Hachi is doing two projects instead of just focusing on Ochitekita Naga to Majo no Kuni so that he doesn’t burn out.

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
Start date 06-04-2016 20:28:40
End date 06-12-2016 23:59:59
Poll Results:
What Should Our New Project Be? v.2

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32 Responses to Corrected New Project Poll

  1. Habib Haji says:

    i FULLY FULLY support [Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku (WN)] ^.^

  2. godeyeice says:

    go go wolf san

  3. All Night says:

    I'll still stick to nothing.

    Yuusha Ni: I e read up to the least released volume.

    Item cheat: doesn't sound interesting. It's basically Gun-Ota, with business aspects?

    New Saga: Not Interested. I'll stick to the manga for now.

    Okami: maybe maybe maybe. This will be the one I choose. Do to lack of a better option :/.

  4. sancturillore says:

    Hitoookami e no tensei, maou no fukukan (LN) all the way!!!

  5. Aru says:

    Not sure why you'd do the WN for Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku when Re:Translations is still working on the LN version. Hitoookami e no tensei, maou no fukukan looks interesting though. If the LN were translated, I'd read it.

  6. Tepes says:

    I really want to cry. I need to learn to translate Japanese. Why would you stop letting some one from reading your book just because. I mean as long as you spread it enough you could probably promote it to realise in English. But from my servay 10 percent of the English reading population read novel like this one on the net. I mean this genre is about 20% or more of all novels I've read. There's at least 200 I've read so far. But I guess I just wanted to complain I read one chapter then it disappeared. So sorry to take up your time but if you could tell me what sites to go to to find it I would really be thankful. Both the translations and the draws please. If possible if not ill just give up thanks for reading this. By the way I'm talking about black summoner!!!

    • acefisher says:

      The author threatened to use legal action against Infinite Novel Translations if the entire project wasn't removed. That's why you cannot find the translation anywhere.

      • Hachi108 says:

        It was his company, but yeah, shame on those greedy capitalists

      • Albedo's Ahoge says:

        Lol, cant really understand why Author did that... anyway, his choice.
        Free to read for Japanese readers & the Middle finger to everyone else.

  7. King of the End says:

    If a similar situation arises where you catch up on one of your projects, like Ochitekita for example, will you have another poll for taking up a new project or will you go with the runner up of this poll if it's popular enough. Also if one of the works you caught up with releases again, and then you'll have more than two projects, will you balance your time between them or only work on two of them with your limited free time?

    • Hachi108 says:

      Yeah, I was going to go with the runner up of this poll. However, fret not, there's a chance you might still be able to enjoy your choice even if it doesn't win. I have a plan, but will let you know in time. 😀
      Also, yes, I'll balance my time.

  8. Armaell says:

    Dang, of course both that get my interest me aren't winning the poll *sad life*

  9. Albedo's Ahoge says:

    Hmmm... it's hard to make a choice between Wolf-man & Gun-man.
    In the end I choose Gun-man simply cuz it was WN which will be easier/faster to TL.

  10. franckoa says:

    Can't vote : "Error 500" when I try to vote with wordpress, "An error has occured" when I try to vote anonymously.

    Unfortunately none of the proposed novels interrest me much, as a lot of them are already translated elsewhere from another format, unless there are massive differences between the two, I won't read the same story two times (If I remember well tensai translations translate new saga (vol 2 ch 9 at the moment)).

    • acefisher says:

      The reason you cannot vote right now is because of the large amount of traffic at the moment. Give it a little bit of time and you should be able to vote.
      As for the reasons for these being the ones listed on the poll:
      Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku (WN) - more snusnu in the WN version(aparently).
      Tsuyokute New Saga (Be stronger! New Saga) (LN) - no updates in a while, and they didn't reply to our email.
      Hitoookami e no tensei, maou no fukukan (LN) - we first had this as a potential project back when it was a dead project, and when it came back to life on the original TL site, we decided to, instead, use the LN version for our poll. Hachi really likes this one.
      Yuusha ni - been more than a year since the last chapter was translated. Similar to how Ochikita was before we picked it up.

      • Rei Hunter says:


        I posted on the older post, but i'll explain.

        Tensaiz is currently enjoying his riajuu life (without girlfriend)

        We've tried to contact him ourselves, but no dice.

        Since you're doing LN, its fine. We've been doing the WN version (or whatever we could find)

        We're still looking for kokugensou wo item cheat's 2nd Volume.

        If by chance, we finish volume 01, and we dont have 2nd volume yet, expect an email from us, helping with WN translations if you don't mind

        re-translations admin, rei_hunter~

      • Anon says:

        I am not sure if the site lagging is over due to hosting the poll on this blog, but if people are still encountering errors, why not use something like which would redirect traffic to that site, instead?

        • acefisher says:

          We were originally going to do so, I had even pretty much created the poll(just hadn't clicked create), but Hachi wanted it to be on site.

          • Hachi108 says:

            Well, originally, we wanted to give 2 votes for each person, but then, it turned out to be a bad idea. You can't set the number of votes each person can have. It's either 1 or all choices.

  11. I can't decide whether I would enjoy any of these or not. I guess I'll just wait this out and then see what happens. I won't complain.

  12. Pablo AS says:

    for some reason i get an error while voting, so i choose Hitoookami e no tensei, maou no fukukan (LN) and hope it counts by posting here

  13. blackfear2 says:

    i would love seeing new saga
    the manga leaves so many details out for me , its a story i really enjoyed that has been ignored for too long(or really slowly updated)
    Honestly i wouldn't mind reading any of these (unless the one where the guy takes care of the demon lord daughter) but i still have some when there are like 3 volumes out(werewolf) i mean that will end kinda soon 😀

  14. Nemui says:

    ookami san looks interesting... vote for it... \(^_^)

    and wasn't there already someone translating Kokugensou??

    • Russ says:

      Nah, that one is the LN version this one is Web Novel. They only have the prologue done and its been 3 weeks since last update

  15. Kaz says:

    I would like to add to this list Isekai Tensei Soudouki WN . Manga is fucking awesome so i expect WN is probably the same or even better . READ THIS COMMENT !! 🙂

  16. @n0nim says:

    why not this Isekai Tensei Soudoki since no one translate it

    • acefisher says:

      I had suggested this way back when we first started debating what our next project should be, his response was that it just didn't suit his tastes.

  17. Shido says:

    Hi, before voting, I'd like to know if it's possible to add other novels.

    Chronicle Legion : teaser by Zzhk. Just ask him, in case it won't become a full time project.
    Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari (LN): I really want this one, please.
    It has an amazing story. Just give it a try if possible.


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