Unfortunate News

Hey guys Weslykan here…

My Laptop got busted with all my TL software and data…

So at least I won’t really be able to post any new chapters until I get a new PC bought and set up.

All the donations I’ve gotten or will get will go towards paying for this computer until it’s paid off. Then it will go to my college expenses…

T_T And yes I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m kind of begging….it’s pretty pathetic but still I need to gather money to get a new pc or laptop
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14 Responses to Unfortunate News

  1. Foguinho says:

    Shit happens man, good luck and may this problem end quickly

  2. GM_Rusaku says:

    I know how it feels cuz I suffered the same fate 2 months ago. (Good thing my past translations where backed up but my current ones where doomed back then) Goodluck in buying a new one.

  3. GM_Rusaku says:

    I know how it feels as I've suffered the same fate 2 months ago. (Good thing I've back-up my past traslations but the currently translating ones where doomed to be lost) Well anyways, goodluck in procuring a new pc or laptop.

  4. Dark Jackel says:

    That sucks. Good luck to you.

  5. Habib Haji says:

    I will forward a reasonable amount to you in 3 weeks time.

  6. kenchan223 says:

    RIP Wes-kun's treasures and dreams as well as everything else, just like Rusaku lmao

  7. indiln says:

    May I ask how it got broken?

    • Weslykan says:

      I don't know yet but it looks like either a failure in the HDD or CPU. It's a laptop so I don't know how to and can't really switch them out

      • indiln says:

        I've had a few HDD "failures" (May or may not be because I used to get too "competitive" in games). Each time I have had my Uncle, who is well-versed in computer repair, switch them out. So you should be able to switch them out yourself with a little help from Youtube or go down to a computer repair place and have them switch them out but be sure to have a similar type of HDD or CPU so that it will work because some types of HDDs or CPUs may not work with the other things in there.

        Also, there may be a possibility of salvaging some files from the HDD at a repair place if it isn't completely dead but it costs extra to do so.

        If you have a question about the things I mentioned just ask them and I will try to answer them. :3

        • Weslykan says:

          Thank you but it's pretty dead.... like fried. I tried to get it recovered or repaired and it'd cost the same getting a new computer because they said they'd basically have to replace enough parts that it would be almost like just getting a new PC. So this time I'm going to build myself a PC.

          • indiln says:

            Ah, that's really unfortunate. Well, at least you will have a newer computer that may or may not be more capable than your last one :/

  8. a device less life must suck man...best of luck in your new buy


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