Kokugensou wo item cheat de ikinuku – Prologue

Many of you might already know, but, the winner of our poll is Kokugensou wo item cheat with 43% of votes. Congratulations to those who voted for this title as my next project! 😀

And since this has officially become my next project, here’s the 1st chapter (Prologue) of Kokugensou. I know someone’s has already translated this one, but because Ace told me it would be better this way, I decided to spent half of my day on this chapter.  Therefore, hope you enjoy!

Also, I’ve decided to arrange my schedule, which is as follow:

Mon: Ochi (half or 1/3 of a chapter, depending on its length)

Tue: Kokugensou (1 chapter)

Wed: Break

Thu:  Ochi (same as above)

Fri: Kokugensou (same as above)

Weekends: Break

In addition to that, I’m willing to do sponsored chapters from now on. (more info to come at a later date)

Also, say hello to our new editors Marco and Kaysea (editor of Zhan Long from Gravitytales).




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6 Responses to Kokugensou wo item cheat de ikinuku – Prologue

  1. sergioGM says:

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Shido says:

    Hmm... Well I guess it's okay.
    I guess adding a new project would have been impssible (Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari).

    May I know, if you'll add the illustrations of the LN when you translate the WN?
    I hope so.

    Oh and btw, thanks!!

  3. Has ukel2x dropped the project?
    If they have, goodluck! Ill be waiting for and reading this!

    • acefisher says:

      He only did the WN prologue, after that he tled the LN, and yes, he dropped his translation of item cheat when Re:Translations started their translation of the LN.

  4. Habib Haji says:

    Thanks for doing this novel! ^.^

  5. ohh i voted this one
    so another journey begins...


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