Charging Magic with a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power After Being Reincarnated into a Different World  -In Progress at 134 Chapters

(By the Author of “I Almost Became a Living Cheat When I Raised my Level in Real LifeNovel Updates Link)(Has a LN adaptation)

charge with a smile

I was summoned to a ruined world and received the ability of Creation. Since there is no house I will make a house. Since people are gathering at my house I will make a town. When the town is attacked by monsters I will make the strongest weapon and repel them. Using my infinitely charging magic power I will remake this world as I please.

(Tags: Different world reincarnation; Fantasy World Summons; Slave; Harem; Elf; Rising up; Sandbox; Magic; Status; Slow Life)

Dragoon -Complete at 167 Chapters

(by the Author of Sevens)(Has a LN adaptation)


Rudel was fated to be nothing but a minor character in some stupid corrupt young noble’s life. He was fated to be that and nothing else. But one day he saw a dragon. From then on he began to fight against his fate. He wants to fly with dragons. He wants to be the strongest Dragon Knight. He wants to be….a Dragoon.

(Tags: R15; Other world reincarnation; Adolescent Protagonist; Western Academy; Modern Times; Harem; Magic; Happy End; Dragon)

Umi to Kaze no Oukoku (Kingdom of the Wind and Sea~When I’m Reincarnated will I be Popular?)  Syosetu Link  -Complete at 352 Chapters

(This is a Major work of this Author and has since been released as a Light Novel.)(The Cover art is ugly but that does not reflect the quality of the story or the other artwork.)

On his way back from being rejected by his first date Shou saved a boy who chased his ball into the street. He sympathized with a shinigami who was disappointed by love and took the chance to reincarnate. Shou was reincarnated as the Ocean Kingdom’s Sixth Prince. Thus started his popular life…but the country’s culture is changing. He will go on adventures across the land and sea. He will attend Academy and tie himself to women who will become his wives. His slow happy life will be interrupted by strife within the Royal Family as he fights to become the once and future king.

(Tags: R15; Harem; Dragon; Reincarnation; Ship; Prince; Polygamy; Cheat; Romcom; Magic; Contest over the Crown in a Different World; Happy End; Coming of age story)

Which of these do you like best?
  • 56.16% - ( 488 votes )
  • 17.61% - ( 153 votes )
  • 21.75% - ( 189 votes )
  • 4.49% - ( 39 votes )

I will continue to look around a bit but these are the ones that look alright to me.

I also found one that is all about a guy who is a magic(cursed) sword master who creates a harem of both women and anthropomorphic swords! That sounds like fun too 😀

Continue to comment any R15 Web Novels Below Please

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40 Responses to POLL UPDATE AND INFO

  1. RandomDude says:

    Could you add a bit more to Umi to Kaze no Oukoku's summary if possible? All it truly reveals is the MC is a prince and there will likely be plot.

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  3. yuu says:

    dragoon might be good too ^^

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  5. kamueee says:

    so... 1. is god-mode. EZ GG (not really my thing...) by the way, how is "Rising up" possible when you are already at the top from the beginning?

    2. looks promising... (my spidey sense is tingling) well, I can't say anything else...

    3.'s story does not look too interesting. It depends on the characters how good it is... probably.

  6. murtee says:

    Author of sevens?
    Dragoon please

  7. SDSPride says:

    How about a novel called Demon Girl ~Tale of a Lax Demon. Its really good so far at 9 chapters and has a promising story with interesting characters.

  8. LifesRaffle says:

    All 4 of the above? : D

  9. Shido00 says:

    Can I add those WN?
    - Shiro no Koukoku Monogatari (as you'll know if you search, there's a translator for the WN but he's doing the digest chapters, and it'll good if you could help him since there is a lot of chapters)
    - Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Side Stories : those sides stories are important, and no one is translating them. The main story's translator is searching one for those since he'll not translate them because he wants to catch up.
    - Gunshi wa Nandemo Shitteiru : this one is really good.

    I hope one of them will catch your interest.

    • Weslykan says:

      1) I'd like to do Shiro but good god are those chapters incredibly long.
      2) I don't really like Tsuki all that much
      3) Gunshi was just updated 6 days ago
      Thanks for the suggestions but I might die if I chose the first two and the last one someone is already doing

      • Shido00 says:

        1) You can always break it down to parts.
        2) Nothing you can do for this. So let's forget this one.
        3) He's pretty slow for this since he has other projects. I don't think he'll refuse some help.

        • Shido00 says:

          3) BTW, thanks for telling me there was a release 6 days ago, I didn't even notice (was busy with exams).

          There's this one too: Build Error no Tate Souryo
          raw link: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n9021cb/

          • Weslykan says:

            Haha that's one I was already considering along with shiro

          • Shido00 says:

            I really hope you'll take Shiro because it'll really a lot of time to catch up to the manga (even more to catch up to the author).
            The harem in it is just...wonderful.

            There's also this one :
            Dimensional Sealing ~Yorishiro to Miko~
            AS forum https://forums.animesuki.com/showthread.php?t=140105

            Well, I proposed several WN but I still want Shiro. 😀

  10. gnume says:

    am. Umi to Kaze no Oukoku is allready being translated but the translator has gone for hitus as he has college :

  11. DarkLoki says:

    Umi to Kaze no Oukoku (Kingdom of the Wind and Sea~When I’m Reincarnated will I be Popular?)
    Was translate some time ago and I want to read it again, it's really enjoyable novel, because his fate don't want his goes for other route except for the throne route! LOL!

  12. memerou says:

    what about Kaettekite mo Fantasy!?

  13. Amash says:

    Hi Weslykan, I have a couple of novels that I would like to see it translated:
    Tsumi Kake Tensei Ryoushu no Kaikaku
    Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki

  14. loshi1505 says:

    Arifureta? I mean this guy is inactive for more than half a year on it https://durasama.wordpress.com/arifureta-chapters/ and this guy wants someone more capable than himself to take over the project. https://elementalcobalt.wordpress.com/ (and honestly he needs an editor to help him with grammer... >_> )

  15. yukimari says:

    I recommend this http://www.novelupdates.com/series/hisshou-dungeon-unei-houhou/

  16. DB AV says:

    Voted charging magic, it gives a slice of life (Death March or Seiun wo Kakeru), I kind of like those slow-paced cutesy filled novels.

  17. raduda says:

    Thank you for your work. Please take somethink with short chapters ;_;. It's so rare to read wn with sort chapters who is often updated 🙁

  18. Harry says:

    I vote for Dragoon
    Please no more Isekai with ridiculous cheat power especially with the title that once you read you already know how the story will progress

    • Weslykan says:

      It doesn't say overpowered protagonist so there might be some sort of limitations on the power besides for the infinite nature of magical recharging.....he might have to find materials etc... or something....or it might be standard OP MC but either way it looks like we'll find out

      • Dan says:


        Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de.

        Shasu at infinite novel translations has just announced that he is dropping it as story is too slow for him to translate.
        Its got 300+ chapters with 35 already done so MC is established and is a total badass.

  19. Silver says:

    That cursed sword one you mentioned sounds good like fun!

  20. Ran says:

    Can I vote Shinmai please?

  21. Amash says:

    I also recommend this novel:
    Over the Infinite

  22. Dan says:


    Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de.

    Shasu at infinite novel translations has just announced that he is dropping it as story is too slow for him to translate.
    Its got 300+ chapters with 35 already done so MC is established and is a total badass.

  23. Kishimura says:

    Can you consider translating this one?

    JP title: 筋肉(アルマディアノス)英雄伝~魔王の才能は筋肉に変換されました~
    Enlish title: Muscle (Armadianus) Heroic Legend ~Demon Lord's Talent is Converted into Muscles

    In a different world called Dormant, there was a wizard so powerful that he can be considered as God. He kept striving for the peak of power and finally about to reach it, to unite with the planet itself. The process took thousands of years, normally one would lose his identity and personality as human. But, the wizard, Bernst Armadianus retained his self. To relieve his boredom, he materialized his avatars in many other worlds, sometimes as Hero, sometimes as Maou, and many others he relived his life as human. Despite that, he still felt bored since the avatar is in the end himself who started to lose his humanity. He wanted to feel being human again in the final moments before the union. The way he came up was to create a lifeform with his gene, a real human with personality, and then he will have their soul linked so he can senses and feels what the human experiences.

    The human, Kratz Armadianus, lived without his interference for 16 years. But unfortunately he lived in a remote village uninfluenced by magic teachings, so all his talents inherited from the gene of the great wizard went unconsciously to Body Strengthening Magic, and it causes his body to growth rather magnificently, in other words, MUSCLES! 2 meters tall muscular man! The wizard was shocked by the fact, but there's more important matter appeared. Kratz' stepsister was demanded by a son of the earl. In order to prevent that, Kratz, after being taught some magic by Bernst, teleported to the capital to ask for assistance from the king. In the process, he cured the terminally ill 2nd Princess, Lunaria, and got involved in the power struggle of the kingdom.

    It looks interesting and also same author with Isekai Tensei Soudouki btw. The chapter are long so i think you should get some help if you want to translate this.

    • Tanagashima says:

      That one sounds like fun. Id love to see that one worked on. Im fine with any of the 4 in the poll too they all seem cool. I decided not to vote as they all seem pretty cool but if there was a way to look into them a bit more it might help. (Cant read japanese so I cant use the site to look into them)

  24. vik1029 says:

    Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei


    The oldest and strongest Dragon grew tired of living chose to die when the Heroes came for his life. When the Dragon’s soul was waiting to drift toward the Sea of Soul, that was when it noticed it has been reborn into a Human baby.

    The Dragon then decided to live a life as a Human to its fullest, and regained his will to live. The Dragon was born into the child of a farmer and lives his live in the frontier possessing enormous amounts of power due to his soul being a Dragon’s.

    He then encountered the Demon of the Lamia race, fairies, Black Rose, and later enter the Magic Academy. The man whose soul is of a Dragon lives his life in joy going to Magic Academy, spending time with an old friend, The Earth Goddess, meets beautiful girls, strong classmates, the Dragon King and the Queen of Vampires.

    It was previously translated at https://binhjamin.wordpress.com/
    Latest chapter there is c15 (10/23/15)

  25. zarvii says:

    how about Fanning the flames of war
    its been long drop since they said that its hard to translate
    i really like the synopsis and its an award winning novel
    i hope you would look into it
    prologue and synopsis of the previous translator


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