A Swift Kick in the….

Weslykan here and dying for some sleep! Jeffrey O. has given me a swift kick in the pants….

He donated to Charging Magic with a Smile before I was actually ready to accept donations O.o

I raised the donation price for CMS because the chapters are about twice the length of one HATSR…and same reason why it’s two and not three regular chapters.

I need to take a little time to accustom myself to the new story, then I can really start translating at my regular speed. As I do so, things are subject to change until I reach a point where everything balances out timewise.

So instead of starting later this week….I will start Translating it tomorrow morning.

It’s 1 a.m. right now and I don’t know why I’m still awake….so I guess

Regular Chapters 0/2 and Sponsored Chapters 0/2

Thank you for your generosity and for that pleasant unexpected surprise.

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8 Responses to A Swift Kick in the….

  1. acefisher says:

    You poor soul.

    • Weslykan says:

      I'm not complaining....as evidenced by the thanks. In fact it's really crazy and completely out of my expectations....I guess I'll have to get to work earlier and harder.

      • Weslykan says:

        In fact I was so surprised that I wrote this post....I wasn't planning on it but I was really surprised and thought that he deserved a shoutout for jumping in without even knowing if the story was gonna be worth it.

  2. Bergz says:

    An example on how rich kids troll people.

  3. SquirFail says:

    A swift kick to the translator.. the leechers cheer for the moment

  4. Kishimura says:

    Get rekt? xD

  5. DB AV says:

    Thanks for the donation Jeffery O.
    I have high expectations on this novel since it looks like another Death March.


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