CMS Chapter 2

Weslykan here! This chapter is Sponsored by Jeffrey O!

RC 2/2  SC 1/2

Hope you guys enjoy this story.

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Chapter 2

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  1. You spelled my name wrong cries

  2. bwewok says:

    I wonder why there are dislikes... XD

    • bwewok says:

      Aw so there were also dislike from the past 2 posts...

      • Weslykan says:

        There are dislikes because apparently people don't like me and the stories I do......I don't get it why people feel the need to dislike. I don't give two fucks about whether you like it so just move on to your dick sucking

  3. Habib Haji says:

    Thanks for doing this Chaper!

  4. Added to reading list.
    Thx 4 chapter


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