CMS Chapter 7

Weslykan Here. Ummm something Regular Chapter of the week

RC 1/?  SC 0/0

You may notice that this message is the same as the one on House Magic….whatever OVERSATURATION OF THE MARKET! I’d really like to know. I’m trying to do as much as I can as quick as I can so……copy and paste copy and paste. I’ll try to get another done by later today or tomorrow.

Sorry guys I was feeling like absolute dog cr*p

I couldn’t Translate and couldn’t Work.

That’s extremely unfortunate as I needed that money T_T

Ayayayayaya…. well I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my 3 regular chaps for the week so…I’ll get back on that Next Week.

If you guys like silly awesome fun things…then try reading this “In a Different World with Naruto System

It’s pretty fun….unless you’re a hardcore fan who sees anything that isn’t official as eye-cancer.

I saw that there were people doing stuff with Patreon…I don’t know much about how that works either…like do people like that? All I have is the PayPal Keep My Utilities on Fund*TM

Do you guys think that doing a Patreon is better than using PayPal? If we did Patreon on this site would you use it? If so what kind of things would you like included in that for tiered rewards? Different Patreons for different stories? Leave your thoughts in the comments below please.

Here’s Chapter 7!

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  1. mahotsukikonran says:

    I am getting a server error message when I try to access the chapter.

  2. malvazar says:

    I've personally never become a patreon as I'm the type to stay away from all monthly subscription models (as I know I will forget to cancel them, I'm very lazy.)


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