NOT A CHAPTER status update

Hey guys, sorry there’s no chapter with this, but Hachi wanted to tell you all something. He says that he’s still alive, but life’s gotten busy for him at the moment, so he has little free time. Because of this, chapters have and will continue to be slower than usual until next month, when he believes that he will have more free time.

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5 Responses to NOT A CHAPTER status update

  1. sfcipher says:

    Thanks for the update. The same happened to Weslyan too. We all need to deal with real life issues. Please take it easy.

  2. Habib Haji says:
  3. mark says:

    We understand. Get some fresh air. Take a stroll around town if you must.

  4. best wishes to him

  5. Vergilx says:

    No prob, thx for the heads up


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