Surviving a Harsh Fantasy – ch. 17

Apologies for my 2 week absence. My rl life’s been pretty busy, so I couldn’t find time to translate. However, in the end I managed to finish this chap which you can enjoy HERE.Unfortunately, or I maybe fortunate for you XD, we’re short of 5$ to make this chap a sponsored one, so I decided to make it just a regular chap. On a side note, expect a new Ochi release within the next 2 days.
Also, look forward to another new project our mtls has to offer.  Cheers!

Credits: Me/Kc/Ace

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  1. Habib Haji says:

    Thanks for doing this chapter!

  2. Huyhn says:

    is it possible on having the donation bar on the side of the site?


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