CMS Chapter 13

Weslykan here!

What’s up guys?

I’m enjoying myself translating my stories. If I were faster then I’d do more. If I had more time I’d do more.

Anyways…at one point in the chapter I had to stop translating and start clapping. I then said (and this is a quote) “We’ve done it guys. You’ve done it. The cuteness singularity has been reached. All for one and one for all.” 

Other than that I’ve been like the police detective who’s on his last case before he retires….But these awesome people who have sponsored chapters keep breaking my Death Flags.

Thanks to Dominik T., Igor B., Jacob B., Marvin L., Brandon P., Yannic N., Laurence B., Conor M., and Dean T. for Sponsoring 9 Chapters!

Brandon P. in fact yes it was you… you keep giving me new cases before I ‘retire’

Trying to guarantee I never make up these Sponsored Chapters completely.


Here’s Chapter 13!

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