I’m sick

Weslykan here.

Exactly as the title says I’m quite sick.

I think it might be a rebound after all the pressure and stress fell away after all the work I needed to do.

Please forgive me for a bit longer.

I’m coming back to House Magic and CMS.

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6 Responses to I’m sick

  1. kenjinn says:

    noooooooo, Don't go towards the light...... no but really hope you feel better.

  2. Whynn says:

    Get well soon, *sends cyber get well presents* It's not worth translating if it means hurting yourself that badly in the process.

  3. sfcipher says:

    Please get well soon.

  4. hey mate take care!

  5. Rayman says:

    a whole week without any sign from you, it must be something serious

  6. ianisomega says:

    If you are still sick, it might be a good idea to go to the hospital. If you haven't died alrady, as it's been a while. XP


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