CMS Ch.19

Weslykan here!

This is the End of Chapter 2: Bronze Card

Put down your pitchforks!

Please wait!

Don’t hit me! NOOOOOO

Ehem…Uni started again and I got caught up in my “oh so glamorous” life.

Here’s a new chapter. All my TL money has just entered into my School Bookstore’s pocket.

I’m gonna cry.

My headphones broke too…had to get new ones.


This is a good chapter and I really enjoyed it.

Here’s Chapter 19.

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  1. canaria23 says:

    Internal server error

  2. GageCoalbrace says:

    *ReRaises Pichfork* GET YOU MOB ON!

  3. 天青 says:

    I use a pair of SuperLux HD 668b's with a modmic. It's a cheaper set of headphones, but aside from the treble being bright, it's decent all around.

  4. habib1100 says:

    Thanks for doing this chapter! XD

  5. LoLiPopZ24 says:

    Hey did u drop the country of the fallen dragon King and the perishing witches ? THAT SERIES IS REALLY GOOD. if u drop it is there any chance u will pick it up again?

  6. kikitondo says:

    got, i just able to comment now, internal server error from the morning

  7. Musings says:

    server error


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