CMS Ch.21

Weslykan here!

New Chapter

New Semester

I’ve been playing Dragon Ball Fusions on the 3DS and I really like it.

If anyone wants to play with me…comment and we can do the friend code thing 😀

This story continues to be cute…but I hope he seals the deal with at least one of them otherwise he wouldn’t feel like a real person.


Here’s Chapter 21.


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One Response to CMS Ch.21

  1. Igor Borski says:

    Knowing how authors can push romantic development for 15 volumes easily "crossing the line is out there" like agent Maulder says.

    Oh, and thank you for your hard work!
    Don't push yourself.

    Do you know what did happen with Hachi and rest of the guys?
    I know RL can be a bitch (and like a certain unfamous Nick myself can get into bouts of depression too) but not only translating, even site updates are stalled (which should take like tens of minutes per week).
    And how come not only Hachi but pretty much the rest of team is MIA?
    Exams should be over by know 🙂


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