CMS Ch.22

Weslykan here!

Sponsored Chapter by Stefan S.

I’m tired.

Here’s a bit of a rant, a chapter, and an explanation.


This MC is acting less of a Beta all the time…here it is. He’s a bit miffed…let’s see if you can tell. 😛

Here’s Chapter 22. Nearing the end of Volume 1…It’s kind of long as you can see.



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3 Responses to CMS Ch.22

  1. Repeating response to tired rant
    Rather then a deficit, think of the regular chapters as investing time into your translation & language skills.

    & don’t push urself. Especially if you’re tired or I’ll. We appreciate ur efforts.

    Thank you kindly for the chapters ☺

    • Weslykan says:

      I appreciate the optimism. But my chosen career path doesn't look like it will intersect with my translating anytime in the foreseeable future. I'm more afraid of poverty than letting my skills fall by the wayside. T_T I quit one part-time job to translate because I like it that much... it things are a bit tight. That's why I'm like this currently and sound so whiny.

      • An understandable attitude. RL can be such an inconvenience. But it cant be ignored.
        Well, it can to a certain extent and becoming an hikikomori translator may be great for us readers. However, I have serious doubts about it being a satisfying existence for you.
        You obviously enjoy translating. If you're not going to make use of it in a career, that doesn't reduce it to something of no importance. You like translating so time spent doing that is time spent enjoyably.
        We can't always have everything we want. Cut back if you have other priorities.
        Just don't begrudge yourself something you enjoy & are good at. Or belittle improving skills that don't currently have a practical use.
        Go at a pace that you enjoy & if we readers aren't satisfied then f*ck us. We'll butch & complain, but be happy with whatever you can do.
        a relatively supportive fan

        P.s. where's the fuck is my next chapter!!! Lol


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