New Chapter Posted on Patreon!

Weslykan here!

Just wanted to pop by and say that I’m going to try and start posting early release chapters.

I’m going to try to get a surplus of chapters.

If people do dishonest things on Patreon I will begin to charge up front. That’s just an FYI..or I will make it charge for each post at a reduced price.

Ehem…sorry I’m just a bit worried.

Chapter 24 is up on patreon! So those of you who are Bronze and above go enjoy your privilege.

Here’s the Link!

Thank you guys!

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8 Responses to New Chapter Posted on Patreon!

  1. SilferEX says:

    i think the patreon site is down but i donated to you anyway keep up the good work

  2. Big Z says:

    Are you still going to post the chapters here to read?

  3. EXDSombra says:

    If you plan to set a minimum limit to access the chapters, do not place a limit on the number of Patrons

    • Weslykan says:

      Then I'd most likely have to remove any rewards except early chapter access. For now there is no problem. I'll raise the cap as needed and adjust things.

  4. habib1100 says:

    I have to make account with Patreon ?! 🙁

    • Weslykan says:

      The chapters on patreon are all early release. They will eventually be posted on this site in accordance to the release schedule.


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