Chapter 7: Departure

It’s been 1 month since we arrived at Focalor. During that time, I spent every day practicing swordplay and magic, and eating master’s home cooking, which made me wonder if this master-servant relationship wasn’t reversed.

The time we trained was short, but I understood many things. First of all, it was certain that I have no talent in magic.

That doesn’t mean that I have no magic power, on the contrary, it was really enormous. Perhaps because I had become half dragon, my magic power could easily exceed 100 times that of a normal person. However, for me, when it comes to utilizing magic efficiently, not having good control over the『Control power of magic formation』 skill became my weak point. Despite kneading that magic power, I could neither shape nor form the magic formation. Even if I were to remember it fully, only some distorted ones could be made. In the end, at best, only a small spark of light can be made for a moment.

Then how about creating magic tools? It came to this, but….this is also ended with a terrible result. I had the gift called “Magic Power Bestowal”[1], but despite that, I couldn’t create any essential tools. However, my left arm was special. Once I became a dragon, its claws showed no sight of clumsiness, and on top of that, its enormous power could pulverize raw materials mercilessly. Then, what will happen if I pour magic in? Well, when I poured magic power into the ring master prepared for me, it exceeded the maximum capacity in an instant and broke into pieces. For a delicate work, my magic doesn’t seem to be suitable. In the end, in this 1 month, the method to use the ability of “Magic Power Bestowal” was not grasped.

Because I was also learning about letters, I wrote down as much as I could remember in my diary while practicing. The sentences, which I wrote while putting on airs, were embarrassing. It looks like it’s true that you shouldn’t let other people see your diary.

Next is sword training, there was an aptitude here, unexpectedly. Despite there being some disbalance between my right leg and left arm, I could accustom myself to them. Even when walking, it was possible for me to move my legs easily. In addition, the gift [Acrobatics] enabled me to be able to do attacks and evasion from various angles. Barnes-san[2] guaranteed that if I don’t neglect the basics, I’ll be able to easily surpass others.

By the way, about Barnes-san, aside from basic physical ability, his technique was amazing. Apparently, his ancestor was a famous knight, they seem to be engaged in work related to the sword from generation to generation. With those accumulated skills, no adventurer around here was a match for him. However, for the sake of succeeding his deceased father, he gave up being an adventurer. Even so, he still seems to be able to do active duty on the front lines.

On the day of the departure, we were seen off by the Cayenne[2] couple and Barnes-san until we left the town gate. Before we left, ‘if it’s too harsh for you, you can always return to your granny’s place’ -I wondered why we were told that? Even though a master’s life shouldn’t be that rough. Well, such a scene also happened….

“Good people…” (Eir)
“Of course.” (Rimuru)

Seeing master puff out his chest naturally, when his hometown is praised, I think his triumphant look is cute.

“By the way, after this.” (Rimuru)
“Yes?” (Eir)
“First of all, we are going to Sokaris and registering at the Adventurer’s Guild.”(Rimuru)
“Why?” (Eir)

Is there a need to get the qualification of being an Adventurer, even though he’s going to become a student?

“With an Adventurer qualification, it will be easy to cross the national border. Because usually, we would need a letter of introduction from a prominent figure or any kind of guild member certificate.” (Rimuru)
“How about ordinary travelers?” (Eir)
“Traveling alone is troublesome, in the case of traveling in a group, something like a company will be the backer. Also, travelling in group is said to be more convenient.
“Hee~” (Eir)
“If they don’t do that, then there will be an inflow of various criminals.” (Rimuru)

Because I have never traveled in the past, for the first time, I have become aware of it. That, but….

“I, never experienced such a thing like an inspection.”

Usually, slave dealers aren’t checked when passing the gate. We, the items, also aren’t checked.

“Seems like slave dealers have their own routes. According to the subordinate of the gatekeeper who concealed it, apparently, they just bribe the gatekeepers, who then open the gate for them when they’re on duty.” (Rimuru)
“Fuun…” (Eir)
“Besides, bribing a soldier is also common scene.” (Rimuru)
“Rimuru-sama, is really well informed.” (Eir)
“Nn…? Haha, when buying a slave, I decided to investigate various thing. Just in case, because slavery is illegal in this country, I need to be careful.” (Rimuru)

Was slavery illegal in this Sacred Tree country, Naberius?[3] Yet, it was never rebuked.

“That is, I wonder about that necessary evil. You may say that slaves are particularly required in Sokaris.” (Rimuru)
“Why?” (Eir)
“Because there is the labyrinth. Baggage carrier to combat personnel, and various others.” (Rimuru)
“For example?” (Eir)
“The employed baggage carrier might run away with the baggage, and will let one of your companions become a bait so that you, yourself, can runaway in case of severe situations? But if it’s a slave… well, the slaves aren’t taken with when absconding, even if abandoned, there will be no guilty feelings.” (Rimuru)

The slaves are seen as disposable tools that would never betray you. I wonder if this is the reason why they’re easily overlooked.

“Of course there’s also many people who oppose. Mainly adventures of the orthodox faction. I was too, a while ago.” (Rimuru)
“Is it different now?” (Eir)
“Now, I have no place to say. For the sake of my purpose, I have no other way.” (Rimuru)
“Purpose…. Like to enroll in Raum?” (Eir)
“Well, that too.” (Rimuru)

Raum Magic Academy with the biggest library in the world. Even an uneducated person like me, has heard the rumor.

“But, in Sokaris Training School too. Even there, magic is also properly taught, isn’t it?” (Eir)
“Yeah. They teach quite earnestly… but what I seek is not there.” (Rimuru)

What a strange expression. In addition to that, with this different and unusual tone…. it’s scary?

“Apart from that. After obtaining our Adventurer qualifications[4], next is to escort a group of traders or something to slip into Raum.” (Rimuru)
“Eh, it’s just the two of us, isn’t it?” (Eir)
“Only 2 peoples will be dangerous, I guess. Also, Eir hasn’t gotten too familiar with using a sword, and night camping will be difficult. There should be a lot of people.” (Rimuru)
“…..Is that so?” (Eir)

When keeping watch during the night, 2 shifts with 6 hours each and 4 shifts with 2 hours[5] is completely different. And when tired, the trip is also affected.
There are still another 2 months until exam, the idea of traveling to Raum for 6 weeks is already the very limit.

“But, I…” (Eir)
“Hmm, perhaps it’s Eir appearance… that might bring about various problems. Therefore, it is necessary to act as my slave in front of others. It might be unpleasant, but please endure it.” (Rimuru)
“Certainly. I am a slave, please don’t mind it.” (Eir)

Hearing my reply, master looked very bitter.

“That’s, how should I say… perhaps, it might be the right thing to tell me to treat you as a slave, now that I’ve purchased you, but… I’m not good at that, so if possible, don’t fall into self-depreciation. I’ll be grateful.” (Rimuru)
“Eh?? Err…” (Eir)
“Even I know what I said is contradicting. Well, with only 2 people you don’t need to exert yourself so much.” (Rimuru)
“Yes… a, err, un?” (Eir)

Master answer frankly, with wide smile.
That smiling face looked like the sun.
Dangerous! That smile… could kill an elder!
“It’s fine. I realized that there was no child of the same age as me in this town. I thought about wanting to have a friend.” (Rimuru)
“Same age? I am one year older than you.” (Eir)
“I know, but it doesn’t seem so at all. Because Eir is small.” (Rimuru)
“Muu…” (Eir)

I, who was the only daughter of charcoal maker, from the very start, never got sufficient nutrients, and my height wasn’t tall. It’s rather short, very short.
Incidentally, father’s stature was also short, could it be a hereditary trait?
As a result of a simple diet and stress over the last 1 month, I became skinny and bony and looked even smaller than before.
It might be serious if I’m looked down on (literally) by juniors.

“Or do you want to be called ‘Big-Sis’?” (Rimuru)

Ugu! That’s a little…… there something coming out from inside of my nose.

–it’s a nosebleed.

“That’s nice. Rimuru-sama is unexpectedly mean.” (Eir)
“What is it? Well, I can also show a different nature. And can you stop using ‘sama’ when there’s only the two of us?” (Rimuru)
“That’s no good. Distinction.” (Eir)

Perhaps I should say, if I maintain the way of calling constantly, I might slip-up and call him by his first name in front of others.
Even in this 1 month, said ability of mine turned out to be nonexistent. But, that’s only in regards to magic.

While having such idle talk, suddenly, there’s a noisy sound coming from the front, and there’s reaction of magic power…. Does this mean someone is using magic?

With master’s voice getting nervous, I draw the sword and start to run.
Now at the bottom of the gentle hill, clamorous sound could be heard from the other side.
The sound grew louder the more I approached. There, metal clashing, screams, and the explosive sounds of magic could be heard.

“Rimuru-sama, please wait here. I’ll look at the situation!”

I shout that and dash out without listening for an answer. I kick the ground with my right foot and use my left foot as support to not fall down, it’s a peculiar way of running.
Crossing the hill straightaway, what can be seen on the other side is a carriage being attacked by a group with shabby equipment.
Most likely, thieves. The situation looked disadvantageous for the carriage.
There’s a female figure in the carriage. Her clothes are partially torn, and she’s being knocked down by a vulgar man.


I jump up to the sky and yell out to divert the thief’s attention. At first, the thief doesn’t seem to know where the voice came from. That’s natural, because I was jumping close to 10m in height. Dropping without losing the momentum, I then cut the back of the man.


With the large sword borrowed from Barnes-san, I cut the thief from the head right in two without stopping until the blade was buried in the ground.
I pull the sword from the ground, along with the dagger taken in the right hand and then take the posture immediately. The blade does not even have one nicked edge after cutting a person, and getting scooped out the ground. Really an amazing sword.

“What the hell!”
“I don’t know…. Reinforcements!”
“U, he, leave it to us!”

Normally, there would be someone to help upon seeing an enemy, however, nobody would willingly join in after seeing their comrade being sliced in half. Even if their side had a sense of morality and justice, this should still hold true!

“A brat came and butted in, huh!!!”

The thieves who are attacking numbered 4. The surrounding 3 corpses are probably those of the guards, I guess. And the other, because the person confronting using a dagger isn’t even armored, he must be the owner? And then the woman in the carriage.
Because there’s a magic power reaction that came from her, most likely, she is a guard magician.


The man who shouted threw himself at me. With the great sword, I sweep the side and cut him. This one was also cut in him half along with his leather armor, and blown away. To an impossible spectacle of a human body being torn in two, the other men’s movements stops momentarily. My draconic left eye doesn’t miss this chance. That instant of hesitation is enough to trample the remaining 3 people. Throwing out the dagger in my right hand, a large sword is brandished, and finally a kick from the right foot that turns into a lethal weapon.

In an interval of whether it is a blink of an eye or not, those men’s bodies are turned into something that I don’t want to talk about[6].

Translator Notes and References:

  1. 魔力付与 (魔力 : magical power; 付与: grant/endowment/ bestowal) It was previously translated as “Bestowed Magic Power”, but I change it to “Magic Power Bestowal”. I think it was more appropriate because the effect of the [gift] is giving some kind of magical power to an object.
  2. バーンズ (Burns) → Barnes
    カイエン (Kaien) → Cayenne
    Previously it was translated directly as Burns and Kaien.
  3. ナベリウス : Naberius (name); 聖樹 : holy tree/ sacred tree; 国 : country/ nation
    Sacred Tree country, Naberius, was a country where Eir and Rimuru were. I assumed this because there was “world tree in ruins” in Sokaris (A city where Eir was bought by Rimuru). They were in Naberius and at the same time also around Sokaris. So Sokaris should be located in Naberius.
  4. Rimuru and Eir haven’t registered as Adventure yet. It was mentioned that Rimuru was in the middle of his training, and was planning on enrolling in the Magic Academy in Raum, while Eir was a slave
  5. The hours not add up, but the original raw was like this. I think it should be 4 shifts with 3 hours.
  6. More mysterious meat….

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