Chapter 92 – The Name

– Eh?! Dante and I are getting married?! Just why on earth…..?! I recall Franko-san mentioning about me and Eiji-san marrying, but….. Even if things became complicated, did something happen?

– This is what Dante proposed by himself when we were discussing about you.
– Oh….. so it was Dante-kun, huh….?
– What…. Do you have any objections?

Eiji, who had returned to Siena, was explaining the details of his talk with Nazioni to Katharina.
Was it due to her reaction being quite different from what he had anticipated?
Katharina’s astonishment was quite a big deal.

– Katharina-san, what do you think about Dante?
– Dante-kun? Hmm…. W, Well, I usually enjoy his company, but, you see, he’s a son of the ruler-sama. I think he’s a good boy with whom it’s easy to get along with, still, hm… a marriage with him…..?
– Dante, I’m afraid to say this, but, seems like it will be difficult for you to be acknowledged despite your good intentions.
– Tche. Not like I’d care about that.
– Ah, it’s not like I particularly against, you know?
– Isn’t that great, Dante?
– ……Honestly, don’t say things that are easily mixed up.

Yes, his reaction was enjoyable indeed.
Eiji too realized his urge of wanting to tease Dante despite not knowing when it had started,
With Dante’s emotions showing through one after another, one could understand him being manipulated.
Dante’s face looked pathetic, and his ears flushed red.
Certainly, he was feeling shy.

– There’s no problem in regards to me, Dante, and his family. What’s left is Katharina-san’s decision.
– Is that soo….? Hey, Dante-kun.
– What?
– Are you fine being with me?
– ……It won’t do as long as it’s not you.

Dante’s proposal sounded very manly.
Eiji, who had finally apologized and done his explanation, slowly returned back to his home while feeling at ease.
The smile coming from Tanya sitting next to him soothed his heart.

– Thank you for your hard work, Eiji-san.
– No, I was doubting myself for a moment how things would turn out, but, glad, it went accordingly to our plan.
– I too was wanted to see Dante’s reaction.
– It was something worth seeing, you see.
– Ah, but I’m now assured. I knew Eiji-san is wonderful person, so you wouldn’t let the matter with Katharina end up like that. I felt anxious thinking there would be 3 or 4 people joining our household.
– I’m not really that wonderful.

As soon as Eiji denied, Tanya shook her head from side to side strongly and obstinately.
Leaning forward with her body, she exclaimed with a strong tone:

– No, Eiji-san is by all means wonderful, and this is an opinion I won’t yield on at any cost….. That’s because this is the first time for me to fall in love with someone this much.
– T, Tanya-san….
– It sounds embarrassing, doesn’t it….? But, these are my real thoughts. Just being together with you makes my heart feels nice and warm while beating fast…. I’ve always thought I must be a happy woman.

Eiji was momentarily captivated by the beauty coming from her gentle, smiling face.
Just a while ago, he was told that Tanya’s childbirth would be expected in a few more days, judging from her appearance.
As one would expect, with Tanya’s belly growing largely in size, she couldn’t fully enjoy going outside.
Once Eiji placed a blanket on their shoulders, she snuggled up beside him inside.

– I wonder if it’s a boy or girl that’s inside Tanya-san’s belly.
– I’m curious myself. I thought it would be nice if it was a boy, but…
– You mean it?
– Yes. Clearly, you would like to have a successor as fast as possible, right?
– Whether it’s a boy or girl, I don’t really mind. The most important thing for me is that Tanya-san can deliver it healthily.

Apparently, there was a high number of instances where children would die in their postnatal period.
Perhaps, it was due to the lack of a hygienic environment and surgical instruments that such things occurred, but, Eiji somehow wanted for both Tanya and her child to be safe.
The fact he made an effort to build a Seyakuin(1) and wanted to spread free medicine was solely due to his personal reasons.
Otherwise, nobody would potentially treat this problem as extremely urgent.
Today as well, Eiji insisted on cleaning and disinfecting their house.

– Have you thought about a name for our child?
– No, for some reason, nothing good comes to mind. Clearly, moments like this one will become of much inconvenience during the birth.
– As long it’s a name Eiji-san thinks of for the child, shouldn’t it be fine even if it sounds a bit strange?
– Still, it will reflect one’s parental love.

Even among villagers, there were actually lots of names that sounded lukewarm.
Was it due to the low population of people on this island?
It didn’t seem people here placed an emphasis on the matter of naming.

The reason why there are lots of common names, such as Tarou and Hanako in Japan, is most likely the same as this one.
There are also many examples of using names of occupations in one’s full name.
In case of blacksmiths, their sons could be named as Smith, and their grandsons as Smith Jr.

– I was thinking about naming the child Liberto if it’s a boy, and Verita if it’s a girl.
– ‘Freedom’ and ‘Truth’? I believe they’re fine names. Surely, won’t the baby be glad when it learns about its name’s origin later?
– I want that to happen.
– Eiji-san.
– What?
– Right now, I am, unbelievably happy.

Tanya lightly brushed her belly while putting a gentle smile on her face.
Holding her arm, Eiji gazed at her with a serious expression.
By no means,
By no means, do I want to lose you. – Is what he thought.

– Eiji-san?
– ………No, it’s nothing.

Eiji bent his mouth in a strange way, trying to express his true intention, however, he couldn’t tell Tanya about his concerns.


And then, the anticipated day arrived few days later.
Even on that day, Eiji worked diligently like usual, focusing on smithing while instructing his disciples.
Eiji and everyone else entered their final stage before the winter suspension.
Therefore, it was natural for them to speed up and focus more on their duties.
Since there was one more thing Eiji wanted to make, he was especially pressed for time.

Just then, Mike arrived bringing some news.
Mike, who was out of breath from rushing to the workshop, stood at the entrance while trying to catch his breath.

– For you to be in such a rush, what’s the matter? Have you come up with a new method for hygiene?
– Idiot, that’s not the reason! Eiji, cease your work quickly. Tanya-san is going into labor.
– Eh?! Really?!
– Yes. That’s why, hasten yourself.
– W, Wait a moment.

Eiji couldn’t stop all of a sudden, since he was in the middle of forging.
Were he to do so, a precious piece of iron would go to waste.
Once he quickly interrupted his job, Eiji left a brief instruction to his disciples.

– Our work is done for today. When you close the furnace, make sure you’ve completely extinguished the fire. Pietro, please be in charge of wrapping up everything. I’m sorry but, I’ll be going ahead.
– Understood. Hopefully, the baby will be delivered safely.
– It’s alright. I’ve already told you there’s time for worrying about that later.
– Truly, I want the baby to be safe and sound~.

Receiving best wishes from everyone, Eiji dashed out from the workshop.

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Notes and references:

  1. aid facilities that used to operate during Nara period (710-794 A.D). Besides from treating people, they also distributed free medicine for commoners and provided orphans with housing.

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