Chapter 1: Infinite Power


The voice that had spoken in my head had said that the DORECA had been charged by 10,000.

If I remember correctly Seiya said that it was charged by 100.

I didn’t do anything and yet I received 100 times more magic.

This…..what’s the meaning of this?
『You’ve accomplished your first magic charging.』
『Just like this, you and your slave can charge your magic corresponding to this.』

Without paying any attention to my question, Ilia gave me a businesslike explanation.

Well, I didn’t actually do anything though? If I had to say something then all I did was shake hands though?

I asked, but Ilia ignored it and continued talking.

『Please restore this world the best that you can.』

At that moment, Risha (pronounced Reesha) and I were engulfed in a bright light.

The light was so dazzling that I couldn’t open my eyes.


Ilia’s voice becomes distant.

After a short time, the light dimmed.

I opened my eyes. I was no longer on top of the clouds but instead a vast wilderness.

There’s nothing….it’s an empty wilderness as far as the eyes can see.
Next to me, Risha has an anxious expression as she looks around furtively.

「We got kicked out already huh? Well it was the same with Seiya though…」

Now that I think of it, I look around. Seiya and his slave are nowhere to be seen.

There aren’t any footprints or traces of their presence so they were probably sent to somewhere different.

「Master」 (TN: Classic Goshujin-sama)

Risha spoke up and pointed her finger at the other side while gazing at me.

I looked where she was pointing, and there I saw something that looked like a house.

It was a round thatched house; it was like a pit dwelling during the Jomon Period.

There’s nothing else around here, just that single house.

「It’s like a house…」
「I wonder if anyone is living there? Shall we take a look?」

Risha and I start to walk towards the house alongside each other.

Because she is a slave, Risha walks one step behind me.

As we approach the house I call out.

「Begging your pardon! Is anyone home?」
「Who is it…..?」

I heard an answer. It was a pretty weak voice.

「*Cough*Cough* I’m sorry, I can’t get up at the moment…..」

Risha and I exchanged glances and entered.

The room was empty except for the man sprawled out inside of it.

The man raised himself on his elbow and looked over at us.

「Human…..? And an Eternal Slave huh? It’s been a while since I’ve seen one….」

The man said this then started to cough even more.

It was a fitful cough that you could tell was painful just by looking at him.

「Are you sick with something?」
「Ahh, since a little while ago—–*Cough!* *Cough!*」
「Have you gone to see the doctor?」

The man gave a feeble laugh.

「Does such a thing still exist in this ruined land?」

The man shrugged helplessly, and gave a lifeless smile as if he’d given up on everything.

It was painful just seeing it.

「*Cough! *Cough Cough!*」

The man started to cough even more. Then coughing even more violently than before, he lost consciousness and collapsed onto his back.

I got the feeling that he was seriously ill by looking at him.

I wanted to do something to help…but I’m not a doctor.

Then Risha timidly called to me.

「Ummm……Master. Wouldn’t it be fine if you just made some medicine and gave it to him?」
「Yes, because Master can make things….」
「Ahh, this huh?」

I said and remembered the DORECA.

I took it out and stared at it intensely.

Certainly I was told that I could make things using this.

「Menu Open」

I remembered what Ilia said and chanted the spell-like phrase.

And suddenly words appeared before my eyes.

A PC-like window opened in front of my eyes and inside of it were words all in neat rows.

Type: Normal Card
Magic Power Level: 10,000
Number of Created Items: 0
Number of Slaves: 1
It seemed like it was some kind of status window.

And underneath it were rows of words.

Among them I found 「Panacea (Cure-all) 300」.

「I wonder if this panacea is fine…..let’s give it a shot.」

I touched it to test it out.

The finger I touched it with started to shine.

「Then please touch the ground and observe.」

I touched the ground just like Risha said.

The light transferred into the place that I’d touched. The light spread and turned into a magical formation.

From the magic formation an arrow of the same color as the light came out and pointed towards the horizon.

And my magic power decreased by 300 becoming 9700.

「If you put the necessary materials inside the tool will complete it.」
「What are those materials—–ah, it’s written here isn’t it?」

It was written inside the opened menu. The moment I touched the panacea a pop-up came out, 「Abunoi Grass x5」 is displayed.

「So I should use 5 of this abunoi grass thing right?……ah, is it possible that this arrow is showing the direction of the materials?」
「Alright, then let’s go get it.」

We leave the house and follow the direction that the arrow is pointing out.

After walking for about 100 meters, I saw the ground glowing.

It was a rare place in this wasteland that had grass. That grass was glowing.

It was glowing with the same colored light as the magic circle.

「It’s this?」
「Well then let’s grab some, 5 pieces of it.」

It was some pretty long grass so it took a few minutes to pull it out, then we took it back to the man’s house.

Inside the house I placed the abunoi grass inside of the magic circle.

The magic circle flashed with a sudden light and engulfed the grass.

Suddenly the grass had turned into a bottle. A small glass bottle with liquid inside of it.

「This is the cure-all huh? ……for now let’s have him drink it and see…」

I opened the unconscious man’s mouth and poured the cure-all down his throat.

After waiting for a little while, the man woke up.

「Oh sorry, it looks like I passed out again.」
「That’s fine, but how does your body feel now?」
「How do I feel? Mmm」

The man stared at his hands while he clenched them and opened them.


The man stood up and started to dance and wave his arms.

「I’m better! I’m cured! I was so tired and sick but now it’s gone like I’d never been ill!」
「That’s great.」
「How did this happen?」
「I had you drink some medicine I made.」
「Medicine? Are you a doctor?」
「It’s different—— all I can do is make various things using magic, that’s all.」

As of now I was feeling more confident so I answered him like that.

The man was surprised.

「With magic? Make things?」
「……I don’t really get it, but thanks anyways!」
「My name is Madway, you are?」
「I’m Akito.」
「I see. Thank you Akito! Really thank you so much!」

Madway thanked me profusely.

Thanks huh?

I turned to look at Risha who was behind me.

「Thank you Risha」
「It’s thanks to your advice」
「That’s…..I only did what is expected of me as your slave.」
「Even so, thank you. I’m glad to have you with me.」

Risha smiled shyly.

—Magic has been charged by 3000—

As Risha was smiling I heard the voice in my head speak once more. This time it was charged by 3000 and I ended up with 12,700.

The amount aside, it was just like the first charge.

Is it possible that……smiling is charging it?


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