Chapter 16: Eternal Slave Re

Eternal Slave Revision

I immediately confirmed the necessary materials inside of my menu.

Eternal Slave x1
Slave Pledge x2
It was a pretty easily understandable pattern.

It was strengthening and remodeling the original Eternal Slave by using the 2 slaves’ pledges.

I looked at Risha and Mira.

The two mentioned should be them without a doubt.

「What’s going on Master?」
「Is it time to work?」

Risha tilted her head in confusion and Mira looked excited.

「There’s something I’d like to make. Help me out.」

They both responded while nodding.

I checked the menu. I already have one Eternal Slave, so I need to make the pledges.

The Slave Pledge materials are…

Blood Ink x1
Contract of Seven Lives x1
They were both items that I did not have.

I checked Blood Ink.

Slave Blood x1
…that was it.

In other words I need Risha and Mira’s blood?

I laid out two magic circles on the ground.

The arrows came out and pointed at them.

This time was a little different than before.

One of the circles pointed at Risha and one of the circles pointed towards Mira.

It didn’t look like it was pointing in general, but instead it was demanding someone specific.

「It’s us?」
「Our bodies are shining…..our blood vessels?」

Just like Mira said, the arrows weren’t pointing at their entire bodies, but at their blood vessels.

They looked magical and beautiful as their bodies shined as if they were the veins of a leaf.

「It looks like it requires your blood.」
「I understand」
「Should we use an arrowhead?」

They both grabbed one of the arrows that we had made beforehand, and cut their palms.

Blood came out of the wound and was poured into the magic circle.

Once enough was gathered, the magic circle transformed it into the item.

The so-called Blood Ink.

「Now bring the other things.」

I once again placed 2 more circles on the ground for the Contract of Seven Lives.

This one required regular materials. It needed the skin of an Elka, so the two of them brought some to the magic circle.

Then, a parchment (though it wasn’t made with sheepskin) with writing on it appeared in the center of the circle.

As I lifted the two pieces of parchment I started to read.

I hadn’t seen such letters before, but I was somehow able to read it.

「It’s a binding contract?…..hmmm…」

I frowned a bit.

The content was a bit off.

「What’s wrong?」
「Can we look too?」

The two of them came to my sides and peeked at it.

I silently passed the Contract of Seven Lives to each of them.

The two of them read the papers carefully.

If I were to roughly summarize the content it would be like this…

**The slave (namely those two), swear to be your Master’s (my) slaves for all eternity, to the extent of offering your souls.

Even if you are reborn 7 times you will always be mine and will obey all my commands.

If you agree to this, then sign this contract with Blood Ink.**

That is all.

The real problem with this was the “being my slave even if you are reborn 7 times”. As I was worrying over how to convince them to agree to this…

The two of them, almost simultaneously—-no actually it looked like they were competing to see who was faster…

Both of them grabbed the ink and signed the contracts.

The Contracts shone and turned into balls of light.

I was surprised.

「OIOI! Wouldn’t it be better to think a little more about this? This thing lasts until you’re reborn 7 times you know? Basically forever! Is that really alright?」
「Yes because I am Master’s slave.」
「In fact I’m happy to do so!」

The two of them said and presented me with the two balls of light.

The Eternal Little. (TN: I have no idea what this means.)

It seems like I’ve still been underestimating them.

「I see.」

I accepted the balls of light and looked at the two of them.

「Please continue to be mine forever.」

—Magic has been Charged by 100,000—
—Magic has been Charged by 100,000—

Though my magic has increased, let’s ignore it for now.

I opened my menu and made the magic circle for the Eternal Slave Re.

The arrows pointed towards the Eternal Slave and the balls of light, so I put them all in together.

The magic turned it all into a new sword.

Eternal Slave Re. The Reborn Sword of Servitude.

I lifted it and looked at it seriously.

「It didn’t change too much huh…the only thing that really changed is that it has two jewels now?」

All that had really changed was that there were now both a red and a light blue jewel between the handle and the blade.

In what way was this a 「Revision」? I thought, then the moment I touched the red jewel…

Risha’s body started shining and—-was sucked into the sword!!!!
The blade of the sword suddenly burst and transformed into red flames.

It changed into a blade that seemed to be made of red flames.

「This is…..」


I heard a voice inside my head, and a warm feeling flowed inside my heart.

『I am happy that I belong to Master.』
That kind of feeling.

「….I see.」

This time I touched the light blue jewel.

Risha was ejected and Mira was sucked in instead.

This time it was a light blue water blade.

(I-I-I’ve been melted!)

『Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Master Masterrrrrrrrrrr』

Her feelings are really noisy…but it doesn’t feel bad.

I touched the blue jewel again and Mira was ejected.

My two slaves, The Eternal Little Revised.

I looked at the two of them and they blushed.

「I’ll be counting on you from now on.」

Their faces were filled with joy as they nodded vigorously.

—Magic has been Charged by 1,000,000—
—Magic has been Charged by 1,000,000—

My magic was charged but——

After a bit, I noticed that my Magic Power Level was at 999,999.

It seems that their joy had exceeded the Bronze Card’s limit.


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