Chapter 4: Food, Clothing, and Shelter Secured

Risha, Madway, and I had gathered in the open space in front of the wooden house for dinnertime.

Madway set up a fire and made soup in a pot.

It was a simple soup made with root vegetables and a little meat. Taste aside, the food was a welcome help for my tired body.

「Sorry for the lack of ingredients. My storage is running a little low.」

Madway said apologetically.

「It can’t be helped since there’s suddenly three people now. That aside, I’ve got to do something about food…」

I said and looked at the storehouse.

Various materials were packed inside, but very few of them seemed to be edible.

「Menu Open」

Type: Normal Card
Magic Power Level: 21,900
Number of Created Items: 9
Number of Slaves: 1

Up till now I’ve made 9 items. (TL: I think the author made a mistake forgetting about the cure-all’s so just roll with it anyways)

There are 4 wooden houses, 3 futons, 1 iron sword, and 1 dress.

Among the necessities for survival I’ve already secured clothing and a place to live, so all that’s left is to take care of food and water.

「By the way, where has the food you’ve been eating till now come from?」

While looking at the Crafting list I ask Madway.

「I gather fruits and nuts and hunt small animals. There is also a stream a little while away where I can catch fish.」
「I see. So you get your water from the river?」
「Nope I get my water elsewhere. There is spring water over yonder. I once drank from the river but it ended up badly for my stomach. I boiled it but the result was the same, so I believe the river water isn’t drinkable.」
「I see.」

I nodded.

How should I say this? It seems pretty rough.

Madway calmly explained how he lived…but it just served to illustrate that he lived a considerably difficult, if not painful, life.

It can’t really be helped that life is difficult in this world that has been ruined.

I began to think more and more that I needed to do something about this food situation.

I stared at the menu intensely.

I found something called ‘Spring Water (Small)’.

It’s pretty far from the beginning of the list but the flow of the conversation made me pay attention to it.

Let’s make it and see——I thought and touched it, and I was surprised.

Woah, this spring water needed 20,000 magic power.

This is the largest needed magic consumption for anything I’ve done yet.
It’s enough for 8 wooden houses or 66 Cure-alls.

What kind of spring water is this?

I was getting even more curious, so I thought to try it and see.

I placed the magic formation a short distance away from the fire. Four arrows came out of the magic formation. Three of them pointed towards the storehouse and one pointed towards Madway’s house.

Risha immediately put her soup bowl on the ground and got up, then went inside the storehouse to gather the materials.

Madway and I went inside the other house together.

We found a water jug in the corner of the room shining.

「What’s that?」
「That’s the drinking water I was talking about a little while ago.」
「Can I take it?」
「Of course」

Madway carried the water jug out and poured the water into the magic formation.

After all the materials were gathered the magic circle turned into a spring.

A small amount of water was coming out, it was enough to wash your hands.

However, the water continued to come out and in the blink of an eye there was more water than had been poured in to create it.

「I wonder if this will keep coming out?」
「I don’t know—–but I think that’s probably the case.」

The basis of this was the 20,000 magic power.

This Spring (Small) used a huge amount of magic power and trifling materials to be made.

I believed that as long as it wasn’t destroyed, water would continue to gush forth.

「I wonder if we can drink this?」
「I’ll try.」

Risha said and scooped the water into her hand.

She gathered it in her mouth before *gulp* drinking it down.

「How is it?」
「…..I think it’s fine. It doesn’t have any taste or smell….it’s normal water.」
「I see」

I also took a drink. Just like Risha said, it seemed to be normal water.

It wasn’t like tap-water, if I had to say….it was more like mineral water.

Un, it looks like there’s no problem with drinking this.

With this we’ve secured water, all that’s left is food.

I can’t find anything that looks to be food specifically, but there are things like 「Fruit tree」 and 「Field」.

I only have 1900 magic power left, so I create a magic circle for a fruit tree that costs 500.

There are two arrows. One is pointing at the storehouse and the other is pointing at the spring.

「I’ll get it!」
「I’ll put this in.」

Risha headed to the storehouse and Madway drew water from the spring and put it in the magic circle.

「Master, could you come over for a bit please?」
「What’s up?」

When I entered the storehouse Risha looked stumped as she stood there with two different fruits in her hands.

Both of them were shining.

I opened the menu and looked. The pop up only said 「Fruit x1」.

I wonder if any fruit will do?

「I wonder which is better?」
「Then this one.」

I pointed at Risha’s right hand. I chose one that seemed suitable.

Without doubting my decision, Risha took the fruit in her right hand and put it into the magic formation.

The magic formation converged and turned into a tree twice my height.

There were many of the same fruits hanging from its branches.

「Amazing……there’s so much.」

To test it out, I picked one of the fruits, paid 500 and made another tree.

Another plentiful tree was made.

It wasn’t endless like the spring, but you can use the fruit from the freshly made tree to create another one just like that.

If you think about the 500 magic usage, this could be convenient depending on how you use it.

And above all.

With this I’ve secured shelter, clothing, food, and water.


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