Chapter 5: The Happiest Thing

—Magic has been charged by 5000—

I suddenly heard the voice as I was gathering materials.

No one was around me, I was all alone.

I was surprised since the pattern up till now consisted of my magic being charged by Risha smiling or feeling happy.

「Menu Open」

I looked at the DORECA.

Type: Normal Card
Magic Power Level: 5900
Number of Items Created: 11
Number of Slaves: 1

Yep it did increase, the almost dried up magic power had increased.

I wonder if something happened?

I was curious so I returned to the houses.

I found Risha just as she was coming out of the storehouse.


Risha trotted over to me.

「I’m home Risha. Did something good happen?」
「Eh? H-how did you know?」

Needless to say……it was because I got a large magic charge, but even without that it was obvious by the cheerful way she trotted over and the look on her face.

She seemed unusually delighted, she had an aura around her as if she’d start skipping happily at any moment.

「Actually I picked this up!」

Risha said and showed me an iron sword.

It was an iron sword that looked just like the one I had, except much older.

「You picked that up?」
「I see…」

Someone made it, then they either lost it or discarded it and she picked it up…

「It matches with Master!」

Risha said while grinning with joy.

Was she that happy to match with me?

This cute thing.


Her smiling face changed. Risha looked behind me with a curious expression.

「I wonder……what’s that?」

I turned around and saw the cloud of dust that Risha was looking at.
It was moving and heading this way.

I strained my eyes and saw that it was caused by several monkeys with ferocious looking faces and extremely long sharp claws.

「It’s a monster! Wh-what should we do Master!?」

Risha panicked.

「Calm down, I’m here.」
「I’ll do something about this. Risha stand back.」
「Ok——–no, I’ll fight too. Please let me fight.」

She grasped her iron sword firmly.

「Alright, but if it gets dangerous fall back.」

—Magic has been charged by 2,000—

It seems like my magic power has increased again, but I don’t have any room to pay attention to that.

It looks like there are four monsters. Since we were outnumbered, I braced myself for a fight.

——but, this was a total let-down…

They were weak, so weak that it was surprising.

They were about the size of a person and they were swinging their sharp looking claws around.

They were as weak as a child and their claws were easily cut by my iron sword.

The monsters started hitting us with their fists like spoiled children near the end.

They seemed to be the weakest class of monster, in terms of REG they’d be at the level of a slime or a goblin.

That rabbit was much stronger. Actually I feel like that rabbit would be able to beat all four of these monsters by itself.

Of course these guys were easily beaten.

「Thank you for your effort Master」
「I’m not tired at all though….it’s the same for you right?」

Risha smiled wryly. They were pretty weak even for Risha, so she must have been feeling a little embarrassed about her panic before.

It’d be great if all the monsters were like this.

「Well then, I wonder if these guys will be some kind of material?」

I took out my DORECA and opened the menu.

For now, let’s gather them up, and as I touched the fallen monkeys…

They started shining.

The area around their chests began to shine and engulf their bodies.

All four of them.

「Get back」

Risha retreated and prepared her iron sword once more.

I knew it couldn’t be this easy… it’s good to be on guard since we don’t know what might pop out.


「Th-this is a……..person?」

Risha and I were shocked.

And so every single one of the shining monkeys turned into a person.

「So you mean to say that all you remember is being killed by monsters.」

All four were people. We waited for them to wake up and listened to what they had to say.

They were all men and the oldest one, a 40-year-old, was talking to us.

This man’s name was apparently Joseph.

「We were killed by monsters! We were dead without a doubt! Or so we thought, the next thing we knew we were here.」
「Then you didn’t know that the world was ruined either?」
「Ummm……I knew it.」

A timid looking youth raised his hand nervously.

「You knew that? Then how much do you know? What about the hero?」
「Umm, the world couldn’t hold out any longer, so I heard rumors that the hero had gone to devil’s castle.」
「I didn’t know that」
「What about the devil’s subordinates? The Four Kings?」
「I died right after I heard that the first one was defeated.」
「For me it was after the second and third.」

The monkeys who’d been turned back into men all started talking.

It seems like they all died at different times.

But still, I get the general idea.

The most important point is that when people were killed by monsters they became monsters themselves, and when they were defeated they turned back into people. That much is a fact.

To restore the world like the Goddess asked, moreover to 「create a country」, once of my most important objectives was to increase the number of people.

From now on I should defeat the monsters I find. Just this is a great harvest.

While I was thinking about all this, Joseph and the rest were chattering away.

「The world’s become like this, what are we supposed to do…..?」

All of them seem to be uneasy.

For now, let’s reduce their anxiety as much as possible.

「Menu Open」

I confirmed my magic power, I had 7,900 in total.

There’s not enough, but I need to do what I can.

I used 7,500 magic to place the magic formations for a wooden house a short distance away.

My slave assistant Risha has gotten accustomed to this, so when I said 「Menu Open」 she headed towards the storehouse and brought out the shining materials.

I felt kind of happy seeing how in synch we were.

The five of us stood there as the materials were carried out of the storehouse. Before long three houses were created.

「Wh-what is this?」

Joseph said in surprise, and the others just stood there with their mouths open.

「I made it with magic.」
「I have that kind of power. With this power I was thinking about creating a town here. I’d like you to cooperate.」
「B-but to call this amount of people a town…..」
「The number of people will increase. I’ll defeat monsters like the ones you were before. I can make things. Houses, clothes, and food. I can prepare them.」

The four of them started chattering again. They saw the wooden houses, the fruit trees, and the spring one by one.

They were chattering but it was clear that they weren’t as anxious as before.

Gradually they calmed down.

Once they settled down Risha said,

「Master, there aren’t enough houses.」

Oh that’s right. We have four more people and only three houses, we’re slightly short.

Having said that though, I don’t have enough magic left……


「For now come and stay in my house.」

I said. If we vacate Risha’s house then we’ll have enough.

「When we have enough of a surplus I’ll make you another, but for now——」

Risha cut me off as she said excitedly. She seemed overjoyed and her entire face was covered in a joyful smile.

—Magic has been charged by 30,000—

I was speechless…did I just get charged?

Moreover, it was the biggest amount yet, I got 30,000 all at once.

Are you really that happy to be living with me???


Risha was humming happily.

I give a wry smile at this unexpected event.
…….but I don’t feel bad about this at all.


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