Chapter 8: Slave’s Delight, Slave’s Sorrow

I took Risha and went to collect the rest of the elka hair that was left behind.

「There’s so much……did Master do all of this?」
「That’s amazing Master!」
「It’s all thanks to you」
「Eh? I didn’t do anything though?」
「No it’s thanks to you that I was able to defeat the elka so easily.」

I said and pointed at the Eternal Slave hanging at my hip.

Eternal Slave, it was a sword made using Risha’s hair and powered by the magic from Risha’s smile.

It is definitely thanks to this sword that I can defeat a monster that took me a few hours to fight in an instant. That’s why this is all thanks to Risha.

Risha looked bashful, but she didn’t seem to dislike it at all.

—Magic has been charged by 2,500—

As my magic was being charged,
「Yo, it’s been a while.」

When I heard that voice, I turned around.

There I saw Seiya and his slave.

His blond haired eternal slave ‘elf’ was being pulled by a choker and leash.

It’s absolutely 「slave」 treatment.

…….is that the way it was supposed to be?

As I was thinking I replied.

「It’s been a while indeed.」
「How is everything going?」
Seiya smirked and asked.

I know what that face is. It’s the face of someone who can’t wait to brag about themselves and show their superiority.

「It’s going… I’m in the middle of gathering materials right now.」
「By materials you mean those? What are you going to do with such ‘things’?」

Such ‘things’ huh….

「Well, this and that. What about you?」
「It’s going well. Oh yeah, I’ll tell you something good.」
「Something good?」
「When you’re making an item you can use some different materials to create it. For example this iron sword.」

Seiya said and showed me his iron sword. It’s exactly the same as the one I made before.

「This, was made from a copper sword.」
「Is that so?」

I was a little surprised, but in a different way.

Pleased by my apparent reaction, Seiya continued on to say.

「If you make a copper sword first then use it as a base to create the iron sword you can save on materials you know? Well it does take more magic though…」
「I see.」

It’s pretty easy to understand.

Materials can be saved by using more time and magic.

Naturally the opposite should be true as well.

「You can’t do that without enough magic though…」
「That’s true」
「Well, for magic I can squeeze out as much as I want, it’s not a problem.」

Seiya said that and kicked his slave viciously without any warning.

He kicked her while pulling on the leash. It caused the choker to start choking her.

The slave was suffering as her tears fell.

Next to me, Risha also seemed sad.

When the two of their eyes met, they both seemed sadder and sadder.

「What’s wrong?」
「I got more magic than usual out of this thing. Usually I get about 200 but this time it’s 250.」


「Is it caused by being watched? Hmmm…」

Seiya smirked as he looked at his slave. He completely looks like a sadist.

「Th-that’s not the case」
「It’s not? Hmmm?」
「No it’s no—–」
「Lick my shoes.」

Seiya gave her an order without even allowing her to finish her sentence.

The slave continued to cry, but even so she licked Seiya’s shoes.

When Seiya saw that he appeared satisfied and had a warped crooked expression on his face.

「Kukuku, that’s it. It increases by about 30% when you’re being seen. It increased by 300.」
「…..Stop it.」
「What are you sympathizing with the slave? If you keep on like this you’ll find it difficult to survive.」
「Well alright, see you.」

Seiya took his slave and left, his face was filled with superiority until the last moment.


Well whatever, let’s hurry up, gather the hair, and go home.

I thought, but then I realized that Risha was quietly staring at Seiya and his slave as they left.

Her eyes were a little different from before. Before she seemed sad, but now…if I had to say anything, they were eyes filled with envy.

She had a gaze like a child staring at a toy she wanted in a store.

「Eh? I’m sorry Master. I’ll hurry and gather the materials.」
「That’s fine but, why were you looking at them?」
「Eh? Th-that’s…….」

Risha was fidgeting and hesitating.

「The…the choker…」
「The choker?」
「I was just thinking that the choker was nice…」
「……do you want a choker?」

Risha nodded and hung her head.

After she said it her face was filled with embarrassment.

It seems like she really wants it.

「If you really want it then I’ll make it for you.」

She raised her head instantly and looked at me with shimmering eyes.

…….I don’t think I needed to ask…

I opened the menu and chose the choker, then I placed the magic circle.

「Ah, Risha just wait here.」
「Since it’s special I’ll make it for you.」

Leaving Risha there, I started running in the directions the arrow pointed.

There were three materials needed. They were monster’s skin, raw gemstone, and white caterpillar hair.

I gathered the materials and put them inside the magic circle and the choker/choker was made.

There was a gem set in the middle of it, it made it feel like it was an expensive choker.

When I gave it to Risha she seemed happy as she stroked it lovingly.

「Thank you very much Master!」

When Risha placed it around her neck she looked delighted as she smiled brightly.


—Magic has been charged by 10,000—

I received a charge that was many times greater than Seiya’s.


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