Prologue: Summons

As I returned to my senses I was above the clouds.

Only the area around me was made of white fluffy clouds, the surroundings were filled with dark lighting filled thunder clouds.

It was a cloud with nothing else on it…a vacant lot.

On this cloud there was one other man besides myself.

「What is this place!」

The man who had woken up later than me suddenly cried out.

He looked around, then when he saw me, he started to walk over while shouting.

「Oi you, where is this! What are you planning to do with me?」
「I don’t know, before I noticed it I was here too.」
「Huuuhhh?」 (TN: Aggressive skeptical huh in Japanese used here lol)

The man looked me up and down as if he were inspecting me.

After a little while, he sneered in contempt.

「Well that’s probably so. I don’t think someone who looks so stupid could do something like this.」
He harshly said.

I took a long hard look at this guy.

His face was well proportioned; you could even say he was an ikemen (handsome guy). But once I saw how he ranted and raved at the first person he found and his contemptuous look and facial expression, I honestly felt that it was a shame—-I had that kind of impression.

『I see you have both awoken』

Suddenly I heard a woman’s voice.

The voice came out of thin air, so the man and I searched around for the owner of the voice.

But no one was there. There was only me and this guy above the clouds.

『Akito and Seiya.』

Akito is my name, so I suppose that guy’s name is Seiya.

「Who are you!」
『I am Ilia, the Goddess of this world』 (TN: Fun fact the name Ilia means God is Lord)
「Goddess you say? Quit joking and show yourself!」

Seiya howled, he has kept yelling at the invisible self-styled Goddess since a while ago.

「…..What does this goddess even want with us?」

Seiya gave me a glare, then ignored me.

Instead of just screaming, I’d like to know what the situation is.

『You have been summoned. For the purpose of restoring this world to life, you have been summoned to this world.』
『The one who summoned you to this world was none other than me, because I wish for this world to be restored.』
「Summoned? Restoration?」
『Please take a look』

The moment after Ilia spoke, a portion of the cloud below us turned transparent and we could see what was below our feet.

The ground is far away, and it is terribly high up.

Standing on top of something as see through as glass in a tower observation platform made my balls shrivel up.

The scenery that was visible from there was….a broad wasteland.
The very earth itself was ruined.

「What is this place!」

Seiya started to yell even more
『This is the world of Raskas. A world that was ruined by an evil god.』
「I don’t get what you’re even talking about, anyways get out here!」
「… this a sword and magic world?」
「Huh? What the hell are you saying? Can’t you grasp the difference between reality and manga—-」
『That’s exactly right. This world is different from your world, it is a world of swords and magic.』


『This world was once rich and filled with happiness and smiles, but then it started being destroyed by an evil god(devil).』
『That’s when I summoned a Hero from your world. The Hero splendidly defeated the evil god, but he was a man who didn’t know anything but how to attack, so he was unable to protect the people at all. For that reason, although the evil god was defeated, the world is in the state you see now.』
「and, what is it that you wanted us to do?」
「What are you doing just conversing like everything’s normal!?」

Seiya continued to yell even louder. Obviously I ignored him.

『I want you to resuscitate this world.』
「In what way and how?」
『Now I will grant you two magic. It is magic that allows you to create things from various materials. Depending on magic power and materials, you can make anything from a paper airplane to a gorgeous castle, it’s that kind of magic.』
「And we’re meant to use that magic to restore the world huh?」

Ilia’s voice became gentle for a moment.

「Haaa, ridiculous. I’m not gonna stick around for this stupidity. Even if what you said was true, what kind of benefit or merit is there for us?」
『You may make whatever you like』
「as I like?」
『Yes. Making things, making towns, making countries. You may make things as you please. You can exhibit it all in this world, that is the merit.』
「Country? What? Are you saying that we can make a country and become king?」

After hearing this, Seiya has stopped crying out and has started talking in a normal tone of voice.

He seems to have latched onto the country and king thing.

「If that’s the case, then I might as well give it a shot.」
『What about you Akito?』
「If we were to say no?」

It sounds all well and good to accept, but I want to know what would happen if I were to refuse.

『I’d send you back to your previous world so that I could summon a different pair. However, at the moment you return you would most likely die.』
『You were both summoned here at the moment when you were about to be run over by a truck. In your previous world—–at the same place and the same time you’d most likely die instantly.』 (TN: TRUCK-KUN)
「——Ah! That’s right I was about to get hit!!」

Seiya cried out in a loud voice. It seems like he just remembered now.

「So there’s not much of a choice I see…」

The goddess didn’t reply. It seems to be the case.

「I’m gonna do it, creating a town and becoming king sounds good!」
「I understand, I’ll do it.」
『Then I shall grant you two the magic. I will grant you each two tools to use this magic. First is this』

As Ilia said this, my hand started to shine.

When the light died down, there was a card.

It looked like a card that you’d use to get on a train…an IC card.

「This is?」
『It is called DORECA, when you want to use magic hold this and say Menu Open please.』

DORECA……the name is something else…

「What’s the other tool?」

Seiya asked.


This time the light started shining in an empty space.

It flashed and suddenly died down.

There, two women appeared.

Both of them were beautiful women with long golden hair and pointed ears.

Elf, that is the name that popped into my head, and for some reason the two of them were wearing grey colored clothing that looked like they were meant to be worn by slaves.

They seemed timid, and stole quick glances at our faces.

「These girls are?」
『They live in this world, they are a race called Eternal Slave.』 (TN: WTF)
「Eternal Slave」
『Indeed, they are a race that are born as slaves and die as slaves. Which of them will you choose Seiya?』
「Me? Then…this one!」

Seiya chose the girl on the left. She twitched in surprise.

『Then from now on she will be your slave. This is your first slave, what do you wish to do with your slave?』

Your first….I was caught up by those words.

「Slave huh? It’s fine to do what I want?」
『It’s your slave』
「Alright, then lick my shoes.」

Seiya suddenly gave out a ‘hard’ order.

The girl kneeled down with a sorrowful face, and licked Seiya’s shoes as told.

As Seiya had his shoes licked by the crying girl, he seemed satisfied.

At that moment Seiya’s DORECA lit up.

「Oh? Hoho, my magic power was charged by 100?」
「What’s that?」

When I asked, Seiya answered with a proud look on his face.

「It appeared in my head. The information that my magic has been charged by 100.」
「In your head huh?」
『Now when your slave does such actions it will combine with your magic and Magic power will gather in your DORECA. Please use this magic to restore the world.』
「Kukukuku, a slave huh?……kukuku」

Seiya was laughing with an unpleasant face.

At first he was whining and yelling, but once he got a slave he changed to this kind of disgusting smile.

『Then, I shall send you to the first location.』

Ilia said that and Seiya and his slave were engulfed in light and they disappeared from above the clouds.

『Next is you, what would you like to do with your slave?』

Ilia asked me, and I looked at the remaining girl.

The attractive elf-like girl, the member of the race called Eternal Slaves.

Unlike Seiya’s slave, she had a gallant facial expression.

It was a face that said I’ll accept any order.

「Well then……smile.」

She was surprised.

「Mhmm, smile please.」
「Ummm….smile you mean….actually smile? Like a pleasant smile, or a smirk or ……」
「A smirk isn’t necessary. Just a normal pleasant smile is fine.」

I didn’t answer. I feel kind of embarrassed at the moment.

I’ve read many web novels based on slaves and having slaves and they had all surfaced in my mind just then.

I had always thought that the devoted slave who stayed with the MC was one of the most praiseworthy and heroic of characters.

I can’t treat such a praiseworthy living thing badly like Seiya.

I admire this slave, that’s what I thought.

『Is that alright? It’s a slave you know?』

Ilia asked me.

I immediately responded without a second of hesitation.

「Let’s get along from now on」

Saying that, I offered my hand for a handshake.

The girl grasped my hand while still confused.

「P-please treat me well.」
「My name is Akito, Aki like the fall season and Hito like Human. You are?」
「I-I am called Risha (pronounced Reesha)」
「Risha huh…nice to meet you.」

I smiled at her, and Risha gave me a bashful smile.


Un, as I thought it’s better to treat your slave better and have a happy slave. Even if it’s only in comparison to others who treat them badly.

As I thought that, a voice sounded inside my head.

—Magic has been charged by 10,000—


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