Chapter 13: The Bear Person’s Circumstances

Once I won the fight, I decided to tie up the intruder’s body with ropes inside of my cave.

「What would you like to do with him?」
「I don’t want to treat him too roughly. First I’d like to wait for him to wake up and hear what he has to say.」

Apparently the power in my tackle was worse than I’d thought.
It’d be a big disaster if we left this guy sitting there, so I had Lia give him emergency magical recovery after we’d tied him up.

「I consent. All will be as Master wishes.」

I wonder why did this guy even try to invade my house?
Somehow this guy acted like he wanted money or was some sort of mercenary, but even so there’s got to be a better way to go about these things.

「I see you’ve come to.」
「…..I see. It seems like I’ve lost my touch doesn’t it? I would’ve never believed that the day would come that I’d lose to such a bean sprout.」

As he understood that he had lost, the man grumbled as he let out a wry smile.

「What was your goal? Why did you do such a thing?」
「….haaaa. I needed money to buy drugs.」

Is it possible that this guy……had some kind of addiction?

No, wait.
If I think about it more calmly…..this guy doesn’t seem like that bad of a man and doesn’t seem to look unwell.

「My little sister is suffering from an illness. Every month I need to get her medicine to extend her life. But unfortunately our village is too poor. At this rate, by tomorrow my little sister’s life will be…..」

In that case his “thief act” was all for his little sister.

Though I absolutely can’t praise his methods, when I think about how he was doing this for his little sister it made me want to forgive him…

「Hey Lia, can your magic cure that little sister’s illness?」
「I am deeply sorry. My magic can cure bodily injuries but as expected illnesses are a little…..」

It’s no good huh?
If we were able to use magic to cure the disease then this could all be peacefully settled, or so I thought…….but it seems like things won’t go so perfectly.

「However, there is one way that I know that can cure disease.」
「…..are you serious!?」
「Yes, if Master was to give them a single Holy Relic than it would be easily accomplished. Using Master’s magic power it’s possible to cure practically any disease.」
「I see, I could do that!」

In this world it seems that there’s nothing more powerful than a Human.
To say the least, a slime was turned into a beautiful girl using it after all.

It can certainly help improve whatever illness.

「However, personally I cannot recommend this method. We must hide ourselves here in this hideout to the best of our abilities. If Holy Relics were to be carelessly handed out to people, then it is very possible that they will be tracked back to this location.」

Lia’s opinion was quite reasonable.
Allowing people to discover me before I assemble enough war potential will greatly increase the risk of being attacked by people with evil intentions.

「I’m sorry Lia. It doesn’t sit well with me, and I’d like to try and help this little girl if I can….」

I understand that this may be reckless.
Be that as it may, while I lived in Japan all that I wished for was to 『be needed by someone』 that was my strongest desire.

If my power can help save someone’s life, then I do not want to just let them die.

「I understand…..since you’ve said that much just leave the handling of the leaked information to me.」
「You can do that!?」
「Indeed. It is completely possible if we utilize the 『Curse Mark』 magic to coerce others into keeping their promises. I’ll show you that I can keep Master’s secrets even if it costs me my life!」

As expected of Lia!
I’m unbelievably happy that the first comrade I got was Lia.

「If you’d like why don’t you try this and see?」

I pulled a single strand of hair from my head and presented it to the man.

「Thi-this is!? What crazy magic power!」

When he received my hair the man stared at it bug-eyed with surprise.

「…..if you give this to your little sister I’m sure that her illness will get better. Therefore stop doing such stupid things like robbery.」
「……ugh. I’m sorry. My name is Adai. Adai of the Bear People that live in this forest! Someday I’ll repay this favor!」

When we freed the man from his restraints, the bear-man started thanking me with tears trembling in his eyes.


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