Chapter 14: Strengthening the Hideout’s Defenses

「I think there is a need to strengthen our Hideout’s defenses.」

The next day.
Lia said this as we were eating breakfast together.

「The Hideout’s defenses?」
「Yes. As of now, Lime and I are standing guard for the base, but with only ourselves we are unable to cover everything. If we were to allow intruders like the one we had yesterday it would only amount to putting Master in danger.」

Lia has a point.

Yesterday the situation somehow worked itself out, but from now on if more powerful enemies came to attack it might become untenable.

It seems like it’d be best to strengthen the base’s defenses sooner rather than later.

「Should we capture a monster and give it a strand of my hair?」
「….That’s too dangerous. There’s a chance that once we give the monster your Holy Relic it will not listen to us.」
「That’s true.」

It seems like not all monsters will necessarily listen to what I say like Lime.
Mistaking a dangerous factor as my means of safety is an unpleasant risk.

「For this I have a proposal, why don’t we set a trap for the hideout?」
「I see, there was that option too.」

If we set up a trap, we can strengthen our defenses without needing to increase our circle of friends.
It depends on the type of trap, but it’s worth looking into.

「Well then let’s give a try right now~! Earth Plate Change Impact!」

As soon as Lia uttered that incantation,
The ground inside the cave is gouged out.

「It’s a pitfall?」

When I look inside the pit, there was a hole about a meter deep.
She used magic so flashily but, doesn’t the scale seem kind of small?

「……..wouldn’t it be better if the hole was deeper? With just this there’s not really any chance of incapacitating any intruders.」
「I am very sorry. A few moments ago I tried to do so…..but it seems like the ground below this is frightfully hard.」
「Is that so?」
「…..this is weird. Certainly I’m not particularly good at Earth magic, but this has never happened before.」

I wonder just how hard the ground is…
It must be considerable seeing as Lia who’s been powered up by Holy Relics can’t do anything to it.

But this is a problem.
I don’t think that this small of a pitfall will add to the base’s defenses.

「I have a suggestion, why don’t we put poison in the pitfall? With this even if it’s small, the potential to do damage is more than enough.」
「…….U~n. Sorry, but I think we should just give up on the pitfall. It’s scary to think what might happen if I’m half-asleep and fall in.」
「Is that so…」

Therefore please…..stop making that face that looks like the world is coming to an end!
Just looking at how sad you look is painful!

Lia is so pretty that her actions and feelings strongly influence my own.

「Hm? Lime do you want to help with something?」

I can’t understand the slime’s speech, but I can guess the meaning from its gestures.
It looks like Lime had some sort of idea.

「Kyu! Kyu!」

Then Lime changed one arm back into a slime body.


I knew that it could change its body from a bishoujo back into a slime but I didn’t know that it could be done in parts.

What a skillful little guy.

Just like that Lime 「Fuu」 breathed out, and let part of its body pour to the ground. Then something strange happened in a few moments,

「Wh-what is this!?」

Lime’s slime that was on the ground started to wriggle around, and as it moved it started to get bigger.

「Is this…..the slime’s cell division!? This is the first time I’ve actually seen it!」

Then a few minutes later.
The stuff from Lime’s arm became new slimes and were born as new life.

「「「「Kyu! Kyu!」」」」

Finally, what appeared was a total of four slimes.

「I see. You want me to use these guys to strengthen our defenses?」

Apparently my guess seems to have hit the mark.

This’ll be a great help.
Certainly if our companions, the slimes, increase it’ll increase the base’s defenses.

「But, I wonder why it was able to divide so suddenly.」
「Presumptuous though I may be, allow me to answer. I have heard that a slime is a monster that can divide when it takes in enough magic power. Apparently by taking in Master’s power Lime met the conditions to divide.」
「Fumu fumu. In short, they could be considered children made between me and Lime.」

I never thought that I’d have kids while still being a virgin.
Being able to make kids just by the stuff that falls off of me while walking….Human power is incredible.

「Children…..! Lime had Master’s children before I did!?」

When she heard what I said, Lia fell to her knees and it seemed as though she’d received a huge shock.


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