Chapter 15: Tribute

「Youji-sama! Youji-sama are you here!?」

A certain day.
When I was peacefully lying on my bed, I heard a familiar voice resound through the hideout.

「Huh, this voice is….?」
「It was the Bear person who came here yesterday. His name was….I believe it was Adai or something.」

Adai, so you mean to say it was the intruder who came into our base.
It was the guy with the sick sister that I gave my hair to.

「Youji-sama! Thank goodness! As I thought you were here!」

At the entrance of the cave was Adai. He was carrying a big bag and had a big smile on his face.

「Your sister’s illness has gotten better?」
「Ahh, about that! When I gave her Youji-sama’s hair…..she became energetic like she’d never even been sick! I’m really, unspeakably grateful to you Youji-sama…!」
Adai-san said this with a huge smile plastered across his entire face.

「This is my thanks for healing my little sister’s illness. Please take it.」

Adai-san opened the bag he had been carrying.
Inside of it were a truly varied number of items and goods.

These seem to be pretty good things.

Honey, salt, and various flavorings were first, then there were tomatoes, beans, and other vegetables filled the bag.

Nice job Adai!

It seems like he took us into consideration and gathered things that can’t be gotten by hunting in the forest.

「That’s a great help. Thanks.」
「I’m honored to receive Youji-sama’s thanks. Well….um…one other thing. Would it be possible for you to let us have one more Holy Relic like the one that you gave us?」
「….what are you saying?」
「Ugu……it’s a long story but, our village is in an unprecedented crisis. Every month or so a trader comes to our village to trade magic stones, but he suddenly increased all of his prices. That bastard! That guy knows that we have no other way of getting the things we need so he knows he can raise the prices!」

There were such circumstances?
I don’t really get it but, it seems like magic stones are something people in this world need to live.

It’s natural that a sudden price hike will make life painful for them.

「But I’ve heard that things like Holy Relics can be substitutes for such things! In other words….if Youji-sama helps us then we won’t need to buy those stupidly expensive magic stones!」

Rough though it may be, I can pretty much understand the situation.
In summary, to save the village the power of a Holy Relic is needed.

「Beast-man! Do you even understand what you are asking for!? There’s a limit to shamelessness you know!?」
「…..Lia, calm down. Calm down.」

I barely restrained Lia who snapped when she heard Adai’s request.

When it’s like this, the Lia who loses control of her emotions is scary.

「Hey, Lia. To tell you the truth I was wondering whether it was ok to give Adai that Holy Relic? If the holy relic was passed to others couldn’t it be traced back?」
「I’m not 100% sure that it couldn’t happen, but in general I don’t think there’s a problem. I’ve already completed my control over the information to and from Adai’s village. If you truly needed to you could probably give as many Holy Relics as you wanted and it would be fine.」

As expected of Lia! She works fast!
I don’t know the details, but if Lia says it’ll be alright then it should be fine.

「Alright. Well then, take this once more.」
「This is….! As usual such crazy magic power! Just by touching it I can feel it’s packed full of magic!」

When Adai received the hair from me, he got even more deeply emotional.

「If you need more hair just tell me. I’ll trade it for more food any time.」
「Really!? Th-that’ll be a huge help!」

After all is said and done, the thing I’m giving you costs me absolutely nothing.
If I can get all the goods I need by simply trading a single strand of hair, I’d say it’s a pretty good deal.

「Guu. Master’s hair….I’m so jealous! Even I haven’t gotten any of it……!」

When Lia saw us exchanging our goods, for some reason she looked mortified and frustrated.


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