Chapter 16: Rosetta’s Invasion

In the forest were they were living, a single girl was travelling on foot.

(What’s going on in this forest…..?)

The girl’s name was Rosetta.
She is the young Newman member of the capital’s knight order.

What is the Newman Race? It is the race that boasts of the highest reproductive power in all of Aterufia.
Their magical power and physical ability are average, but their outer appearances are almost indistinguishable from the Human Race’s.

「No matter how you think of it, this forest is abnormal! I wonder what in the world happened here…」

30 km away from the capital is the {Tiger Forest}. It is an area where beginner adventurers go to hunt and work.

—-in the forest there should have been large numbers of low class monsters like Slimes and Goblins but….
No matter how much she searched, Rosetta could not find any monsters.

「I wonder what it is….I’ve got a bad feeling about this…」

Rosetta came across this kind of situation once before.
It was when a Fenrir started living in a beginner’s area for adventurers.

It seems like there is an overwhelmingly strong creature among these low class monsters that is pressuring them into remaining in their dens.

But what kind of monster has appeared to suppress these other monsters in such a wide range?

Just by imagining it Rosetta breaks out into a cold sweat.


There Rosetta found a cave built into the rock face.
This place in the Tiger Forest is only about 5 Km away from the ruins that Lia was exploring.

—if Lia was injured and couldn’t return to town then….
It’s quite possible that she found a cave around here to recuperate.

While praying for her Knight Senpai’s safety, Rosetta stepped into the cave, and at that moment…


A monster sticking to the ceiling aimed at Rosetta and attacked.

「This….what extraordinary magic power!?」

When the monster’s true form was revealed to be an ordinary slime, Rosetta became even more surprised and frightened.

「I can’t believe this. This has already transcended the level of a Slime!?」

In front of Rosetta was one of the slime children that were born the other day.
She didn’t know that an even more powerful slime was lurking deeper within the cave.

「Gale Blade Wind Edge!」

Rosetta used her specialty, wind magic, to try and defeat the enemy before her, however the slime moved unexpectedly fast.

Her attack only hit empty air.


The cause of Rosetta’s loss was her being too focused on the abnormally powerful slime in front of her, making her forget to check her surroundings.

Lime’s children moved to attack Rosetta from behind.


As she was attacked by Lime’s other 3 children, Rosetta started screaming without reservation.


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