Chapter 17: Captured Female Knight

The very same morning.

I woke up to the sound of a woman screaming.

Uhhhhhh….what the hell is going on!?

When I headed in the direction of the screams, I saw an unfamiliar red haired beautiful girl (bishoujo).

「You boor! What are you looking at!?」

This is most likely the result of ordering the slimes 『if you find an intruder, make them powerless』

The slimes were jostling and pushing the red girl down making her appearance unladylike.

「Y-you fool! Hurry up and help me!」

She was acting all tough, but it was completely obvious that she was embarrassed and dismayed.
She had had her clothing stolen and was left sitting in her underwear. It was clear she was gritting her teeth and bearing her shame.

「…..Rose. What are you doing?」
「Onee-sama!? Thank goodness….you’re alive just as I thought!」

Were these two acquainted?
When she saw Lia, her eyes filled with tears and an emotional smile floated across her face.

「Master. Let me introduce you. This girl’s name is Rosetta. She is young, but she joined the Capital’s Knight Order only 2 years after I did.」
「Is that so. In other words she’s Lia’s junior (kouhai).」

「Onee-sama! Let’s get back to the Capital right now! We need Onee-sama’s power!」

The red haired girl gave Lia a look of dependence as she looked at her.

「Someone destroyed the moon and now the Capital is in trouble! To calm down this mayhem we need Onee-sama’s…..」
「…..that’s out of the question. I have sworn my loyalty to Youji-sama of the Human race. I can’t do something like return to the Capital.」
「Human race? Onee-sama are you saying this Newman is a member of the Human race?」
「That’s exactly right. Youji-sama is this world’s only Human. During the ruin exploration this time, this person saved my life.」

When Rose heard Lia’s explanation she had a doubtful look on her face.

「Hey Lia…what’s a Newman?」
「The Newman race is the race that is markedly similar to the Human race. Their abilities are average, but appearance-wise they look pretty much exactly like a Human.」

Ok I get it.
So that’s why the first time she saw me she thought I was a Newman.

One way or another, their appearance is perfect for hiding my origins.

「Onee-sama you’re being fooled by this man! If this man was truly a member of the Human race….then you would be able to feel the magic power leaking from his body!」
「You might not understand. Master’s magic is undetectable by ordinary people. It’s because the colossal amount of magic causes an overflow.」
「I-if you’re going to go that far then show me some proof! Can you give me some proof that I can acknowledge?」

It’s quite understandable that Rose is suspicious.
I myself can’t come up with a good reason why I’m here either.

「…….Master. I am very sorry, but could you show her the power of your Holy Relic to gain her trust?」
「I understand. It’s fine if I just give her a strand of hair like usual right?」
「……I think that’s a bit too much. Master, just giving one strand of your hair will endow the person with extraordinary magic. If it’s not disagreeable to you then why not stick one of your fingers into her mouth?」
「… but if I do something like that won’t she get angry?」
「There’s no problem. She’s followed me for a long time. If it is by my will, I don’t think something like that will happen.」
「Ok. If it’s like that then let’s give it a try.」

D-don’t misunderstand me ok!?
This isn’t anything erotic ok!?

It’s just sticking my finger into a captured female knight’s mouth….there’s no weird meaning to this. Nothing weird at all.

「Hmph……! The more I look at you the more average you look! What about this guy charmed Onee-sama……」

When I got closer to her, Rose started to complain and curse a little.

Still, how should I say it……
When I look more closely at her, Rosetta is an exceptionally beautiful girl.

Her strong-willed features might be a little divisive when compared to other people’s tastes, but the cute pink underwear that she’s wearing gives off a kind of gap-moe feeling.

Her breasts are huge.
They’re most likely bigger than a G-cup.

A girl like this in her underwear and caught by slimes….this is unbelievably sexy.

「Well then, now I’ll show you the evidence.」

I say that beforehand, then stick my finger into Rose’s mouth.


Comfortably warm.
Some moisture and body heat slowly slid across my finger.

Rosetta stared at the finger in her mouth with wonder and surprise.

「Funya!? Wha-what ish thish!?」

For a moment Rose showed some resistance.
But a short while later, Rose started to lick the sweat off of my finger all on her own.


As I thought, the Human race’s body fluids act like some kind of aphrodisiac.
Rose was sucking my finger in a 『Daydreaming』 fashion.

Rose looked unbelievably sensual as she sucked on my finger with all her heart and soul. Just by looking at her, my lower half started to get itchy and eager.

「Master. I think that’s good enough.」
Oh crap!

Did she see my ulterior motives?
Lia’s tone seemed a little sharp as she said that.

「Wha….! Me of all people……what was I…!?」

It seems like she came back to her senses once I pulled my finger out of her mouth.
Rose was looking at my finger with a lonely expression, as though she hadn’t had enough time to savor it.


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