Chapter 18: Espionage

After that,
We went back inside the hideout and decided to explain everything that had happened up till now to Rose.

「…..certainly I did feel a mysterious…..endless supply of magic from your finger. If it’s like this, then I don’t really have a choice but to believe you.」

It seems like our talks went pretty smoothly.
It was easier to accept that I was a Human from another world than that the Human race had mysteriously came back from extinction.

「Well then Rose. What are you going to do now?」
「My loyalty is not to my country. I was always, and still am, devoted to Onee-sama. So obviously, I will be working with Onee-sama and you.」

Rosetta said this with a refreshing expression and without a moment’s hesitation.

「Is that really alright Rose? You’ll practically be betraying your country you know?」
「You boor! There is only one person in the world that can call me by that nickname! Only Onee-sama can! My name is Rosetta! Please don’t call me Rose like you’re familiar with me!」
「I-I see. Sorry.」

Rose……I mean, Rosetta seems to feel something beyond respect for Lia…it’s more like worship.

If it’s like this then I can understand why she didn’t hesitate to betray her country for Lia.

「But, I’m glad. Now that Rosetta’s become our comrade, our base’s defenses are even stronger.」
「…….No Master. I think we should give Rose a different job instead of guarding the hideout.」
「What do you mean?」
「Right now what we lack most is information and goods. At the moment, the best thing for her to do would be to infiltrate the capital.」
「I see. In other words you’d like Rosetta to be a spy.」

Indeed, that does seem more useful in various different ways.
For defending the hideout we have monsters like Lime that fit the bill, but they are unable to take on the role of spies.

「I hear and obey. From now on I, Rosetta, will act for Onee-sama with all my heart, and work myself to the bone.」
「I entrust you with this. Especially Dex’s movements, if you receive any information about him, immediately come here and let us know. Since that guy has gotten power from a Holy Relic…..there’s no telling what he could do.」

As expected our biggest threat at the moment is that cat-eared old guy I first met at the ruins.

At any rate that old guy knows my identity and due to the Holy Relic he really powered up.
「One last thing Rose. Let me give you some advice.」

At the end of the rough strategy meeting, Lia once again started to speak.

「… careful of the way you speak to Master. Otherwise it is quite possible that I will end up killing you.」

I’m absolutely sure that when Lia was in the knight corps she was a really strict senpai.

Seeing that cold gaze as if she were looking at garbage, I find it hard to imagine that this is the same girl that calls me 「Master!」 so lovingly.

「Ahh, such an intense bloodthirst! As expected of Onee-sama!」

In spite of the bloodthirst being directed at her—-

For some reason Rosetta was looking at her with a gaze glittering with respect.

Are you really ok with that!?

Now that I think more carefully about it, Lia has always seemed a bit unusual…I wonder if these two were known as a pair of oddballs back in the Knight Corps?

「Lia, I don’t really mind ok? You can stop looking at Rosetta like that ok?」
「Is that so? If Master says so then it’s alright but…..」

I’m happy that Lia speaks to me with such respect, but if everyone spoke like that then I’d get stressed out.
Actually Rose’s less formal tone was sort of pleasant, I don’t think there’s a need to worry about it.


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