Humans are the Strongest Ch.10

Chapter 10: Changes in Lime

Nevertheless, yesterday was… intense experience I’d have to say.
No matter if you say it was for the sake of powering up we did, in fact, get too carried away.

The kiss with Lia lasted for about 10 minutes until the curtain fell on that particular act.

Though I understood this more after the fact…..the Human race’s body fluids have powerful effects on the other races apparently.

I never thought that while strengthening Lia, her endurance would give out and she’d lose consciousness.

With this kind of ability in my previous world I’d be able to work as a male hooker (I don’t know the name of it) and make a living. (TN: the comment in here was left by the character not me)

「……well then. Shall I go out to get a drink of water?」

Recently when I go out to get a drink from the spring the role of bodyguard has been completely taken over by Lime.
There are times when I go out with Lia, but as she is busy sometimes I don’t want to bother her too much.

「Lime! Where are you?」

I call out to Lime from within the cave.
While Lia is sleeping Lime is supposed to be guarding the cave’s entrance.

「Kyu! Kyu!」

As I walked to the entrance I saw something that made me doubt my eyes.

What the…..heck is this?
Before my eyes, was a very pretty naked little girl with blue hair.

「Can it be…’re Lime?!」

The blue haired little girl gave a cute little nod.

Certainly the way she is calling out is just like the way that the Slime named Lime does.


Before I could do anything Lime jumped up and hugged me while fully nude.

And just like that she started nuzzling her cheek onto my chest.

「I see! As I thought you’re really Lime!」

This kind of behavior was just like Lime’s habit of acting cute and spoiled.

But, I wonder what am I gonna do with this…
Up till now Lime had the appearance of a slime so I was able to take her on my walks feeling carefree…….

Now with a human’s appearance……and even more than that a young girl’s appearance makes that almost impossible now.

「Master? What’s going on?」

When I turned to look at where the voice came from, I saw Lia.
Lia was standing there with puffed up cheeks and was pouting up a storm.


I begin thinking calmly about how everything looks at this moment.

It’s all over.
This is the whistle that signifies the end of my peaceful life.

Me in pajamas and a completely naked little girl.
There are so many things that can cause misunderstandings happening all in this very moment.

When I completely understand the situation that I’d gotten myself into I desperately wished to call for a time-out.


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