Humans are the Strongest Ch.11

Chapter 11: Changes in Lia

「I see. So such a thing happened….」

When I explained the circumstances, I was somehow able to convince Lia.

「However, I’m really surprised. There have been stories where a monster takes in a huge amount of magic and takes on human form but……I never thought the day would come when I would actually witness it for myself.」

According to Lia, the cause of Lime’s transformation into the form of a person was, as expected, from taking in the power of a Human apparently.

「I understand the reason for the transformation into a person but…why is it in the form of a girl?」

That was the number 1 mystery that I wanted to know the answer to.
Leaving aside the slightly childish figure, her looks were to my liking, you could say her looks were in my strike zone.

「Allow me to inform you of something first off, there is no concept of sex or gender for the slime race, they propagate via division.」

Even though it’s such a pretty girl…..its gender is unknown!?

I’ve been cheated!
You’ve completely fooled me!

「Perhaps Lime…..Do you think that Lime may have instinctively chosen that form to more easily receive Master’s affections?」

Now that you mention it, I think I can understand.
Certainly, I would show more favor towards a cute girl than a monster.

If Lime chose this appearance in order to receive more favor from me, then she’s quite the tactician.

「I understand what’s happened to Lime. By the way, have there been any physical changes in you Lia? I don’t think the amount of Holy relics that you’ve taken in would be any less…」
「Of course I’ve changed! My magic power has already increased by 10 times! This is all thanks to Master.」

*Pooh!* Lia gives a humph as she says.

「I-is that so?」

I’m kind of disappointed.
For me I was hoping that…….her F cup(approximated) size breasts would get even bigger or some kind of effect like that.

It seems like even a Human’s power won’t have such a splendid effect as that.

「Also……I feel as though my sight and hearing have been greatly enhanced. With this if anyone was to try and attack I would be able to notice them even sooner.」
「Well that’s certainly reassuring.」

There is only one entrance to the cave which makes running away impossible, but if Lia learns of an enemy’s approach then we can be mentally prepared.

「……..Master, please fall back.」

Suddenly Lia’s face becomes grim and she warns me.

「Though I’m sorry for the abrupt nature of this, apparently an insurgent has entered our hideout.」

Lia said and I strain my ears.
And indeed I can hear the sound of footsteps from within the cave.


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