Humans are the Strongest Ch.12

Chapter 12: Intruder

「It looks like there’s only one enemy. According to the footprint the culprit should be a man without a doubt.」
「And….do they seem strong?」
「Nope. They seem to be absurdly weak. With this kind of opponent I should be able to defeat them with my pinky finger without Master even needing to make a move.」

Fumu fumu.
So you’re saying that the first defensive battle we have an opponent that is perfect for gaining experience?

「If Master’s existence became known I would not be able to let them live, so please leave everything to me.」

Lia took a huge weapon out of the hideout’s storage and her breathing started to sound excited.

Isn’t that thing a Morningstar?
It’s an iron ball with spikes that you swing around with centrifugal force.

「Hey hey, what’s that dangerous looking thing for?」
「This hideout was originally my Anthropologist Father’s. It was made for the express purpose of fighting those organizations who wanted to misuse the Human race’s power. Therefore, we don’t lack weapons to repel invaders.」

I guess there were such circumstances…
But still, why would you choose a Morningstar? The person who chose it is reliable but scary.

「Fufufufu… Fool who’s trespassed into our Holy Hideout! I will make you realize the sin you have committed!」

Was she thinking that this first fight was a chance to obtain some meritorious deeds or something?
Lia was humming and swinging the Morningstar around, she seemed a lot more enthusiastic than necessary.

「Hey….Lia? Could you leave this fight to me?」
「……to Master?」
「I’d like to test out my own strength a little.」
「……I understand. However, please don’t push yourself too hard.」
「I got it.」

If I leave it to Lia the intruder might seriously get killed.
The opponent isn’t strong anyways, so here I might as well see what I can do.

「Eyy, are you the owner of this cave?」

As we followed the footprints we finally saw a big man with animal ears growing out of his head.

His body’s huge.
He’s easily taller than 180 cm. (TN: Taller than 6ft.)

In his right hand he’s carrying a large sword suitable for his physique.

Didn’t you say that this guy was absurdly weak!?

A huge guy with strong features…he has an absurdly militaristic air about him.

「Leave your valuables here right now and I’ll at least let you live.」
「N, No!」

This cave is ours.
Also Lia’s in the back of the cave too!

There’s no way that I can do ask this guy asks.

「Is that so…..I didn’t want to have to get rough though…」

The man looked down at me coldly, and he powerfully swings his sword.


Retreat! Retreat!
This is the time to take some distance and regroup!

Even for me I think that it’s kind of pathetic you know?

But it can’t be helped you see?
I never thought being attacked by someone with a sharp weapon would be so scary.

「Hahahaha! How long can you keep running?」

Isn’t there…..isn’t there some way I can counterattack!?
I thought about using magic, but as of now if I were to hit him with magic the cave will probably get destroyed as well.

Wait….is it possible that I’m in checkmate?

「Master! You can do it!」

When I looked towards the voice I saw a worried looking Lia standing there.

「Oh, how rare, an elf……even more I’ve never seen such a pretty woman before!」

When the man saw Lia a vulgar smile appeared on his face.

「If I sold her to a slave trader how much money could I get….? No with such a beautiful woman I can definitely get more money by selling directly to the nobles….」

What the hell is this guy talking about without even asking me?
For Lia to be a slave……there’s absolutely no way I can let him get away with this.

I thought I heard something snap inside of my head.


If I’m scared of the sword all I need to do is shut my eyes!
Thinking that, I close my eyes and tackle the man.


That’s weird.
The response felt like I only brushed his clothes, but even so it seemed like it had plenty of power.

When I opened my eyes, the man had been crushed into the wall and was vomiting blood.


As soon as Lia realized that the fight was over, she jumped into my arms.

「……Master…..thank you very much for defending me.」

It was a very strong hug, because of that Lia’s big breasts were pressed right up against my abdomen and were squishing against me and changing their shape.

……it was worth participating in this battle if only for this glorious feeling.

And just like that, my debut fight ended with the result of a narrow victory.


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