Humans are the Strongest Ch.2

Chapter 2: Human-sama

Suddenly I regained consciousness and was greeted with the sight of the inside of an unfamiliar building.

What’s this……?
For being a dream this place is really realistic looking though…….

In front of my eyes there were two people, a man and a woman.

The man was excessively tall and on top of his head there were cat ears flicking to and fro.
The woman had long and pointed ears, and if I had to describe her….I’d call her a peerless beauty (bishoujo).

「Who’re you?」

A suspicious expression emerged on the face of the cat-eared middle aged man.

「…….m-me? I’m just a regular Human」

In this situation I wonder what’s the correct way to respond?
At the very least, I don’t have a tail growing or ears like the guy in front of me.

Therefore, I think that 「A regular Human」 was a pretty nice answer if I do say so myself.

「Human ya’ say!? Bastard… tryin’ ta’ make a fool outta me?!」


There’s got to be a limit to calling me a liar!
In what way, shape, or form was there anything ridiculous in what I said!?

This crazy old guy suddenly swung his big fist at me.

「…What? You’re taking my attack head on!?」

That scared me! Mou!

Suddenly being attacked like that certainly surprised me but….this old guy has pretty good acting skills. With such a powerful looking punch, it seems like he completely suppressed his strength.
That’s what I thought.

However, I had probably….stumbled into some sort of movie set.
Thinking that, I could understand why this old guy’s power was so unbelievably weak.

If it’s like this then I have to live up to this guy’s expectations!


I yelled out as loud as I could and then lightly pushed the old dude’s body.

Then, I wonder.
The cat-eared old guy’s body flew up into the air and violently crashed into the wall didn’t it?!


As expected of an Actor!
I didn’t even put any power into that and the old guy let me see such flashy action.
This guy is probably popularly used in Hollywood I think.

「Damn it! I’ll remember this!」
(TN: Kusu will remember this. Kusu means whine or sniffle. It could also sound like the Japanese word for ‘scum’)

With this parting line the old guy left panting heavily and ran away from me.


The moment that the old guy left another person called out to me, it was the beautiful elf girl.

「Ummmm…. Who are you?」
「My deepest apologies. My name is Lia. I am called Lia of the Elven race.」

The girl named Lia extends her hand to me as we exchange introductions.

「My name is Youji. Amazaki Youji of the Human race.」
「I-I’m so unbelievably excited! You’re really a….Human-sama aren’t you!」

I don’t understand at all.
Looking closely, Lia’s ears don’t seem to be artificial at all.

Is this place really the set for a movie?
I think it’s weird that no matter where I look I can’t see a camera anywhere.

After continually hearing these strange remarks from this beautiful elf, I can’t help but get more and more doubtful.


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