Humans are the Strongest Ch.3

Chapter 3: Decision

「So what you’re saying is…..what? I was summoned to this world or something?」
「……It’s also a big surprise to me, I can’t believe it. However, at the very least the world that Youji-sama knows and the world that we live in are completely different from each other, that much is a fact.」

According to Lia’s explanation, the world I’m in right now is a world with monsters and dragons.
I got it up to this point.
This is a sword and magic fantasy world that I’ve been summoned to, it’s like one of the twists that I’d longed for out of one of the novels I’d read.

「…..and you’re saying that in this world Humans like me…are legendary existences?」
「Yes. Humans like Youji-sama, are to people like us, 「The oldest and most powerful race」 or so you are known…..This existence is the subject of absolute worship and faith throughout the land」

This part I can’t even imagine.
If I had to say, then it’d be Elves more than Humans that had a noble and high-class impression though.
In a game world, Humans are a race that are well balanced, they’re not bad at anything in particular, they’ve got the image of a jack-of-all-trades.

「I’ll say it once more. Youji-sama. Here in Aterufia, you are an absolute being. It is a fact that…..I was betrayed by my subordinate over a single strand of Human-sama’s hair.」
「…..I see. That must’ve tough.」

You……bastard cat-eared old dude!
How dare you betray such a cute elf-eared girl!

「Hey. Lia. I’ve got one question though….is it alright if I start living in this world just like that?」

I’ve got a little bit of a bad feeling about this.

Just think about it and you’ll see right?
In this world a trusted subordinate betrayed her for a single strand of human hair you know?
There’s a huge ruckus if even one part of a human’s body is found, what would happen in the case that a living human went out and about in a town?

「Well, if Youji-sama’s existence was revealed to society then…..」
「If it was revealed to society then…..?」

You never know what might happen.
Well, something as unrealistic as being summoned to another world has already happened.
I’m confident that whatever comes next I won’t be too surprised.

「All the countries will go to war over Youji-sama’s power.」

There’s a risk that life in this world will be destroyed because of me!?
What Lia said was way above my expectations and I was unbelievably shocked.

「Why would something like that…..?」
「It’s because if they were able to obtain Youji-sama’s power then it’s possible for them to rule the world. In Aterufia Human-sama’s body parts are considered 「holy relics」, and are treated and used as strategic military grade items. It is very likely that, if they were to confirm the existence of a living human…..then the world would immediately be engulfed into a maelstrom of war.」

How can such a crazy thing be?
I thought that what she was saying was some sort of gag, but Lia’s gaze was completely serious.

「……Lia, tell me. How can survive and live in this world? If it’s possible I’d like to avoid pointless conflict and live peacefully though.」

In my previous world I lived as a corporate slave.
I don’t have much lingering affection for the Earth.

If I can start a second life in this new world then it’d be greatly welcomed.
However, even so I’d like to refrain from getting caught up in a global conflict.

「There is one way.」

As expected, Lia is reliable.
Anyway, I can’t help but rely on Lia when I think about what the situation would be like on the outside.

「Youji-sama, you can build yourself a peaceful land with your very own two hands!」

The moment I heard what she said, I couldn’t understand what she was talking about.

「Ummmmmmm……How would I……?」
「I will explain from the beginning. I said before that the Human race is the subject of worship in this world however… the same time there are many people like my subordinate who would abuse the Human-sama’s power. Therefore you can….set up a base to deal with outside threats, gather your own subordinates, and fight for yourself. Other than that, there’s really no other way for Youji-sama to live in peace.」
「You’re joking…..right?」
「No, it wasn’t my intention to tell a joke.」

Lia smiled sweetly and kneeled down into a pose that made it look like she was swearing loyalty.

「Youji-sama. If you wish for it then I will right here and right now…..swear and pledge my eternal allegiance to you as your subordinate.」

I had many doubts and questions but…..I decided to leave those difficult things for later.

If I have such a cute comrade like Lia by my side, then creating my own land of peace might not be so bad.
From the start, I was sick of that usual style of life, I always thought 「I want to be needed by someone.」

Thinking that, I decided that I would live like this together with Lia.


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