Humans are the Strongest Ch.4

Chapter 4: The Elf Girl’s Guidance

After that, we exited the ruins and Lia led me into a thick and overgrown forest.

「Hey, where are we heading?」
「Master, I will advise you though I hesitate to do so.」 (TN: Fun Fact this version of master can also mean husband.)

Some time ago Lia began calling me 「Master」. This kind of made me happy, it was a kind of embarrassing feeling.

「As of right now, I feel that the highest priority is to hide yourself.」
「…..Hide myself?」
「Yes. From the start, I was entrusted with the task of exploring the ruins. If I don’t return then there would be an investigation launched and it wouldn’t be strange if they suspected Master’s existence.」
「Aren’t you overthinking this? There isn’t any hints or evidence of my existence is there?」
「…..What Master is saying is quite plausible. However, it is better to be cautious. There is the chance that my subordinate Dex might report that a 「Human has come」」

I see.
‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’, or something like that.
Certainly that man-beast saw my power, so it might be better to be more cautious than not.
If I make a bad move and those who want to abuse a Human’s power found out, then it’ll be a problem.

「We’ve arrived, it’s here.」

Where Lia had led me was a small cave built into a rock wall in the forest.

「This place is….?」
「This is a hiding place that was left behind by my father. My father was an Anthropologist and he was always in a situation where someone was after his life. With these circumstances he left hiding places all around the world.」 (TN: Anthropologist is someone who studies humans and their cultures)
「Wait a sec. Has being an Anthropologist always been such a dangerous occupation?」
「Yes. Because of my father’s work he often handled many 「Holy Relics」. Organizations that want to abuse the Human-sama’s powers fight day and night for them.」

I had no idea.
The Anthropologists of this world had to have such secret-base type things.

「….I’m very sorry. It pains me to have Master stay in such a crude home as this.」

No no.
Isn’t it quite a nice place?

At the very least it’s a heavenly environment for me who has been living a shut-in lifestyle in a broken down apartment only 6 tatami mats in size. (TN: about 10×10 ft apartment)
The entrance is pretty small, but once you get inside it’s unexpectedly roomy.
It fits the image of a ‘Hideout’. The cave has bookshelves, food storage, other equipment, etc. all prepared.

「Master please use this bed over here. I’m ashamed that you must use such crude bedding but…..please wait for a little while.」

With that introduction Lia showed me a simple bed covered in a white sheet.

「I’m fine with anywhere but…….where are you going to sleep Lia?」
「I’ll be on the lookout for enemies and attacks at the entrance of the cave. As for sleep, I’ll be fine with about 30 minutes every day.」
「Isn’t this kind of thing usually…..reversed? I’ll sleep on the floor and Lia can sleep on the bed.」
「I can’t possibly do such a disrespectful thing! Even if this is Master’s request this is a little…..」

That was kind of stupid.
It must seem to Lia that, while she is sleeping on the bed, God is sleeping on the floor, or something like that.

「Hmmmmm….Then what do you think of using the same bed?」

If you sleep at the entrance of the cave, then you might freeze to death.
It’s such a large bed, it’d be a waste if we didn’t use it.

「…With Master!?」
「Oh, sorry. If you don’t want to then I’ll think of something else.」

Phew, that was dangerous.
If I was going to be rejected just like that I might not be able to recover from the shock.
I’m going to protect my own mental stability and stop talking.

「Th-there’s no way I wouldn’t like it! If master is fine with it then….it’s alright!」


She accepted it awfully fast.
Sleeping on the floor is ‘out’, but using the same bed is ‘safe’?

「……well then um…..if you can, treat me gently please.」

Lia says as her cheeks start to blush.
Why I wonder?

Then for a while——.
Lia was strangely restless and fidgety.


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