Humans are the Strongest Ch.6

Chapter 6: Let’s Increase our Comrades


The next day.
When I woke up, the sleeping figure of Lia caught my eye.

Now that I think about it this might be the first time I seriously took a long hard look at her face.
While she was awake I was nervous and carefully avoided eye-contact.

Anyways, be that as it may……..

Now that I look again, Lia is an unbelievably beautiful girl.

She’s about 160 centimeters tall I think.
Her arms and legs are long, smooth, and slender she has the figure that a model would envy.

Her breasts are big.
It’s rude to speculate but at the very least they are at least an F cup I think.

Being able to live together with such a cute and beautiful girl, it would’ve been unthinkable had I been in japan.

「…..oops. Not good, not good」

I completely forgot the time and ended up staring at her for 5 minutes straight.
Now then.
Why don’t I get some water to drink before Lia wakes up?
Thinking that I went outside the cave to do so. Then a while later….

「Wha-what the hell is this?!」

In front of the cave there was some kind of huge mysterious creature.

「Master!? What’s wrong!?」

Hearing my voice Lia leaped up and called out to me.

「……I see. It seems like some sort of slime」
「Slimes in this world are that big!?」

The blue colored body of the slime(?) was at least 5 meters in size.
It was so big that, forget about humans, even if it was a bear it could eat it in one bite.

「No. Slimes are monsters that beginning adventurers can defeat. This slime has….one way or another taken in an excessive amount of magic I believe.」
「Is that so?」

Lia looked as if she’d realized something and turned to look at me.

「Did you understand something?」
「Master, it’s about last night but……did you go to the spring in the forest by yourself?」
「Yes I did……Should I not have?」

On the way here she had showed me a spring with clean water near the hideout.
Last night I was thirsty, so I quietly went out to drink some water.

「This is most likely the cause of this. The slime most likely absorbed the water that Master had taken a drink from and this is what caused its abnormal growth.」

I see.
So in essence it’s about the same as the indirect kiss with Lia last night.

Apparently Humans can’t peacefully get a drink of water in this world…….

「……what should we do? If it’s like this we won’t be able to get out」
「You need not worry yourself. This level of enemy……if it’s me who has received Master’s power then……!」

Lia said then pointed at the slime in the entrance of the cave.

「Flame Duet Burning Blade!」

Right after she said that cool sounding spell, several huge fireballs flew out of Lia’s palm.

I wonder if this has anything to do with that indirect kiss?
If I had to sum it up with one word, the power of it was, ridiculous.


This slime………how much stronger did it get!?

Surprisingly the giant slime seemed to have taken no damage from Lia’s magic.
On the contrary, it seemed that it felt good to the slime and it got even bigger after absorbing it.

「N-next time I’ll raise the power even further when I attack! Flame Due-……」

Lia, who was about to attack the slime again, got confused and stopped.

「In the first place….is this guy even our enemy?」

Think about it and see right?
As the slime was right here it had tons of chances to attack us.

Even up till now it still hasn’t attacked us, that is to say, isn’t it possible that it isn’t our enemy?

「Master!? Isn’t that too dangerous!?」

I started approaching the slime and Lia’s face became pale.

「Hey, you…..did you have some business with me that you came to see me?」
「Kyuuu! Kyuuu!」

In response to my question the slime wiggled and compressed itself.

After that.
The finally basketball sized slime, approached my feet and showed me a weird submission pose(?).

「I, I can’t believe it! A monster is showing loyalty!」

Lia stared in amazement at the exchange between me and the slime.

「Ok!, from now on your name is 「Lime」. Work hard for my sake and the sake of our comrades ok?」
「Kyu! Kyu!」

It seems like it liked the name I gave it and Lime let out a happy sound.

With this turn of events……I was able to successfully gain a new comrade.


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