Humans are the Strongest Ch.7

Chapter 7: The Correct Way to Use Magic

Since I’ve succeeded in gaining a new companion, I immediately decided to play with Lime.

「Lime. Paw」
「Lime. Once more」

Whenever I call out to Lime it extends a feeler.
It seems like somehow Lime can understand what I’m saying.

This time I’ve truly understood.
In this world the Human Race can’t even carelessly go to the bathroom due to the unbelievable influence it would have.

If my existence came to light, then this hideout would cease to be a safe place.
So I can live a peaceful life in the future, I need to gather more companions like Lime and I need to do it fast.

「Lia, are you going out to hunt?」

Lia took out a bow and various things from storage and seemed prepared to leave the cave.

「Yes, my top priority is to first find food for Master’s breakfast.」
「There’s something I want to ask but……if I’m not a nuisance could I accompany you?」
「……..That’s absolutely not the case! However, wouldn’t this just be a troublesome job for Master?」
「It’s not a problem, I’m just going because I want to.」

I understand that going outside is a dangerous act, but staying inside the cave all the time is, as expected, really boring.
To understand this world, I need to get outside and gather information.

As I step outside and I glance around, suddenly I see a very strange spectacle.

「Huh?…….There are two moons?」

In the East there is a red moon, and in the West there is a blue moon.
They seem to be neatly aligned.

「I don’t understand what’s so strange, aren’t there usually two moons?」

The circumstances once again overturn my common sense.
The people of this world recognize that there are two moons.

「Master, I have discovered some prey.」

While we wandered through the forest, Lia pointed her bow at the sky.
When I look at where she had pointed the bow, I see a plump bird sitting on a tree branch.

「That is a Helmeted Guinea Fowl, this fowl is a wild bird that is edible and quite useful as food.」

Lia explains smoothly as she lets an arrow fly without any useless movements.

At that moment, the bird that was on the branch flutters as it falls to the ground.
The speed of the arrow was so fast that it hit the prey before I could see it fly.

「You’re very skilled.」
「No no, it isn’t anything impressive.」

Lia spoke humbly as she stored the fowl inside of her bag.

「If you put magic into the arrowhead it becomes more powerful and allows you to control it to some degree. If Master were to practice a little you would be able to do the same thing quickly.」

I see.
That arrow had been charged with magic.
It’s no wonder the arrow’s speed was so fast.

「Hey, this magic thing…is it something that I can use too?」
「Of course it’s possible. Magic, is the act of using magic power within the body to interfere with the laws and principles of the world. With the amount of magic power that Master has, I think that you’ll be able to use powerful magic quickly.」

Tell me that kind of thing earlier!

Chanting cool spells and using magic has been my dream since I was in middle school.

「How can I use magic?」
「It’s important to have a mental image. First you should select something to use magic on, please 「select a target」 Master.」
「I got it, select a target huh…」

I see.
Targeting some plants isn’t any fun, since I’m going to do it, I want to take down some prey like Lia.

Isn’t there some kind of prey that I’d want around?

「Ah! What’s that shadow floating around in the sky?」

When I looked around I saw some kind of mysterious shadow floating across the sky.

「That is a monster called a Sky Dragon. The Sky Dragon lives above the clouds and is known to very rarely come down. Basically it is a very quiet monster, but once every 100 years it comes down to wreak havoc on people’s land, when it does the Adventurers Guild puts a high price as reward for its subjugation.」
「I see, that’s a dragon huh…」

It’s too far away from here so I can’t confirm any details.

The shadow was certainly long and thin with a snake-like shape.
I might as well target that huge Sky Dragon and see what happens.

「After I select my target what should I do next?」
「Next is the usage of the magic chant, use your internal magic power and think of 「what do I want to happen?」 inside of your head. Please imagine it clearly, if you imagine it clearly enough then the spell will be fine.」

Fumu fumu.
So what she’s saying is that you actually don’t need to verbalize the spell.
Since it’s finally time to try it out, I’m going to imitate the magic that I saw Lia use once before.

The target is, of course, the Sky Dragon flying above us.

「Flame Duet Burning Blade!」

The instant after I chanted the incantation,
in the distance a huge fireball around 200 meters large appeared.

The fireball is burning with enough heat that it evaporates the surrounding clouds and flies at the Sky Dragon.

When my magic hits the Sky Dragon, it lets out a deathly scream of agony and in moments it has been turned to ashes.

What was…….that magic just now!?
It’s not even on the level of just being shocking right?

Isn’t it somehow at the level of nuclear weapons!!?????

「H-how astonishing! As expected of Master! To bring down a Sky Dragon at this distance is too amazing!」

The silver lining of this would be that the first thing I tested my magic on was a monster in the sky.
If I’d used it on a creature in the surrounding forest, I have no doubt that everything around here would have turned into a scorched desert.

When I realized the disaster I’d just escaped from, I felt relieved.
In the next instant,


Suddenly the sound of huge explosions resounded throughout the world.

When I was wondering what had happened, I looked up into the sky, and there I saw an unbelievable sight.

「The moon……… gone?」

The blue moon that had been hanging in the western sky had been smashed into pieces and was now gone.

「As expected of Master! Not satisfied with destroying a Sky Dragon and even going on to destroy the moon!」
「This…..isn’t this really bad? If the moon goes away I’ve got a feeling that it’ll have really bad effects on this world’s ecosystem……..」
「Though that may be, Master need not concern himself with it. It’s the Moon’s fault for being too weak.」 (TN: WHAT?? LOLOLOL)

Lia has a point.

I’m not the one in the wrong! It’s the Moon’s fault for being too fragile!

I decided to stop thinking about this because I almost got a mental health problem from thinking too deeply about it.

The circumstances have changed and once again common sense must change with it.
From now on the children who are born will know that 「there is only 1 moon」.


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